Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb Fever

I'm getting new tires on my road bike today. I've had the original tires on the bike since I purchased it in 2006, so I figured before my training camp this weekend, it would be a good idea. I bought the Michelin Lithium tires. I look forward to trying them out.

My Team training camp is going to be some serious shit. We are riding for 60 miles on Saturday and then heading to 3 Gap for at least 30 or more miles in the Mountains. I am really looking forward to climbing Hog Pen Gap and coasting by Lake Windfield Scott! Not to mention accomplish my goal of riding in the mtns!!!

I've been feeling a lil ear infection coming on this week, but I have been taking extra care to keep it dry and clean it out with alcohol. My throat has also been aching.

I am about to change up my multi vitamin. I'm trying a new one that has a few additional vit and minerals for more energy and well being. I start that tonight.

I am about to start studying for the AFAA group fitness cert class I am attending tomorrow. I am looking forward to opportunity ti teach fitness classes and meet new peeps.

till next time, cheers

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