Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fort Yargo Outer Loop ! CHECK!

Crickey! What a weekend! Home with fam and getting some much needed laundry done! Winder is only a few clicks away from the parental, so i had to take advantage of a beautiful Feb day in Georgia..

Count Down to: Xterra is 59 days !!! 17 days till Dirty Duathlon!

Whew, I have to get out to Blankets Creek soon!

I made it around Fort Yargo's red outer loop in about 1 1/2 hours, after that I ran the trail for about 30 minutes, which was all I could stand. They weren't burning the woods this time, but I did see some dudes in the back of a pick up wielding some chainsaws!

The ride was great, the weather was sunny and in the low 40s.. It was cold so I wore my L/S base layer, fleece jersey and wind jacket.... About 10 minutes in after I crossed the rd, I was HOT! I had to take a layer off.. I was jamming out to my MTN bike mix on my ipod and I was having a blast.

In the beginning of the trail, going Clockwise, it always gets my heart pounding.. I guess I must have been pumping along pretty nicely, because I made it to the dam in about 30 min! I knew this is where the unknown was going to start! This is where I had veered right to stay on the inner loop in the past, but this time I was going to ascend up the power lines and onto the red trail, the outer loop!

The power line climb was a pain in my calf's! It was challenging maintaining a good cadence while running across mini valleys of clay with areas of quick sand. But, I made it up, i probably should have eaten that gel just before, I was starting to taste it again in my mouth by the top! EgK!

After that, it was clear sailing, I checked my map a few times, but it wasn't hard keeping the lake on my right! The top of the mtn side was pretty easy, there were a lot of fun downhill sections and I enjoyed hauling ass down... Had to do a head check after some trees came a little too close, but I can handle the brakes pretty well and always seem to maneuver my way out of any mess!

After the trail ended and the geese parted ways for my panting attack on them, I whipped it up the little hill to the bridge and pedaled my legs out thinking how the hell am I going to run very far after that mtn bike ride?! I racked my bike and pulled on my XCRs and started running Clockwise.

The trail was paved at first and I didn't like that running in my XCRs, it was tough and pounded hard.After that it curved off right and became the woods. Avoiding the path with signs warning me not to enter Waamba Wayamfeasd Camp, I managed to stay on the trail and started to feel exhausted! My chest was hurting, so I slowed to a fast walk every now and again. Out and back, I turned around and headed back to the car. A slow jog, and mostly downhill, I've got to make the loop next time I come out.

2 hours total time on the trails! Beautiful day, clear air, and sweaty me mess.



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