Sunday, March 15, 2009

EXTRA Dirty Duathlon, 10 Bananas, and A super HAPPY Girl!

Whew, what a weekend for a Dirty Duathlon. Leaving home it was 41 degrees and raining. Just starting to get over my cold, my coach said I shouldn't race, but I didn't feel too bad?! I grabbed my poncho and decided to try anyway, even if I had to take it easy.

The race started for the women around 9:30am, it was raining and cold as crap! The run was good, MY HR was around 196 as I attempted to stay on with the other ladies. I decided to slow down a tad, to save my HR for the bike. I finished the 4.7 mile run in about 45 minutes. I was HOT from the poncho and decided to leave it behind for the bike as well as my wind jacket.

I grabbed my bike, and only had on my jersey and arm warmers along with my thermafleece pants. I started along to Van Michael trail, it was a little colder on the bike than the run, the wind was really brutal and the rain was relentless! Ugh! The course was in decent condition, so I pushed thro all the mud and water. About halfway tho Van Michael, I lost my rear brakes. They were caked in mud and I had to stop and try to get my brake cable tighter. I was thinking at the time that having disc brakes would be ideal right now! When we ride dirt bikes, it seems like I always had stopping power even when I'm caked in MUD. Luckily, since I didn't have an allen wrench on me, a nice guy let me borrow his and I tightened my brake cable. It was great, for about 5 minutes, until I had the same problem again.

On to Dwelling loop, I started to up my pace a little knowing that Dwelling is flat and I had just ran the course looking at all the intimate details a few minutes before. Then, my poor fingers, they were soooo NUMB, I thought they were going to fall off. I don't think they have ever felt so NUMB before. I soon realized that is not just a physical race, but also very mental. These elements were brutal. I soon regreted leaving my wind jacket at the transition area. It may not have kept me dry, but the wind on top of the 41 degrees and rain was BRUTAL!! I had to stop about 2 times just to pump blood back into my hands. I pondered the onset of frost bite, but shrugged it off since the conditions were not freezing. This whole trail, I had no rear brakes. I had to rely on my front only, and freezing hands to not send me over the handle bars. Needless to say, I was not hauling downhill like I wished I could be! Hanging in there, I was almost to end of Dwelling, headed for South Loop, Final LOOP!

Thanks to all the supporters on the trails with their cowbells and cheers! It made me smile, and made me warmer! South Loop = Unknown! I never got a chance to ride this loop before the race. All I knew is, it was really rock, like boulder sized. I pedaled on, keeping caution with my lack of stopping ability. Not so tough, I was hauling thro, then it came. The tree ramp-up, the big ramp, bigger than the others. I slowed down a wee bit and starting pedaling as I hit the logs, then, slip, CRASH! I crashed to the right tearing 3 holes in my tights and a nasty scrape on my shin and butt! OUCH! BUt, it wasn't any worse than the numbness in my hands, so I pushed on, I could hardly feel the damage in the freezing cold raining wind. South loop was definitely a bit more difficult and technical. I kept my eyes open and didn't take any more obstacles lightly. As I finally reached the turn around, I knew I was getting closer to finish. I couldn't wait to get dry and warmer, these elements were so brutal! Then I started uphill, in MUD LAND! Ugh, It was soo muddy, I thought I had a flat tire. It was like pedaling my bike uphill with a flat, just bogged down. I had hardly any energy left, and I was starting to feel the sting on my wounds as I pushed harder on the pedals. But, I knew it would be over soon, and I pedaled faster, making it thro the pine trees to the final exit. I almost crashed on the downhill to mosquito flats with only my front brakes to rely on, I wasn't about to flip over the handle bars, I was too close.

I was free, out of the woods, and onto Mosquito FLats. Slightly uphill and lots of rocks, I was POOPED! I was dead, but almost done! Then it came, the finish!! I DID it!! Despite the elements and being sick!!!

I got 2nd in my age group with my time of 49:12/run, 2:01/bike, TOTAL 2:50 !!!

After the race they decided to raffle off the two Specialized MTN bikes, with an eating contest! James didn't get chosen for the men, so he went to get the truck. I stayed hoping that with the limited amount of women in the crowd, I would be magically chosen. She called about about 10 numbers before they found 5 good contestants. I was lucky #5 ! Woo-HOO! The challenge: Eat 7 bananas faster than the other girls. I focused in on the yellow on my plate, strategizing how to maximize their swallow ability. Squish 'em I thought! So, when they yelled start! I smashed them into my mouth making a huge mess, but accomplishing a lot. I tied with one other girl. We had a face off with 2 more bananas, then tied AGAIN! OK, this is it, I thought, I HAVE to win, I am way too close to a new bad ass mtn bike! I CAN DO THIS. Face off with 1 banana. I shoved it in my mouth and swallowed, FIRST !!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!! I was jumping up in down, I was so STOKED!! I can't believe me of all people could win a eating contest. I walked away with a brand new Specialized Safire MTN bike, top of the line, and stomach full of Bananas. I was the HAPPIEST girl alive!

Thanks to OutSpokin Bicycles for being so RAD to donate such BAD ASS bikes! And thanks to my competitor, she put up a huge challenge, it was only by seconds that I beat her!


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wow bwade!!! what a day!! way to go!!!