Thursday, March 26, 2009

The New & Improved BWade hits the Trail at Fort Yargo

After successfully sticking on a fresh new violet Roxy sticker onto my seat post, The Specialized Safire is now officially Roxy~Safire, aka the new & improved bwade.

Anxious to hit the trail, Saturday am I was up early, tweaking my bike and getting my bags packed. James had a late night after.. Ryan Adams at the Fox. Tried to get him to get up and ride with me to no avail.. :( ... Luckily, my buddy Lee was up for a ride! We met up at the park around 1pm, to a beautiful, bright, sunny day with a slight chill breeze = perfecto!

It was so nice to get out of the city; yet once again I find pleasure in the pathless (or pathed) woods..

Since it was Saturday the trail went counterclockwise. I had never been this direction before. It was tough coming onto all the uphill after the Root Garden.. I was feeling winded... But the terrain was easily absorbed by the new & improved bwade! Lee told me more about "the brain" and how it reacts and adjusts to different terrains! It could certainly tell a difference! I was taking on roots and rolling loops with no hesitation!

Whew, that way seems so hilly in the first 30 minutes! I was huffing and puffing my way thro. Roxy-Safire could def take some hits, and then on the flatter terrain, she was just as smooth and stiff as ever, S W E E T !!

I realized that I def prefer the downhill sections, but I was so GRATEFUL that Nick, some random dude from Dunwoody, was cool enough to let me borrow his spd pedals. Roxy-Safire has some bad ass sram pedals, and damn lameo performance did not have the crank brother cleats I was in dire need on. Going on James' word that I would be able to use my spd cleats in my new pedals, I went on to Yargo anyhow. But, of course, just like at home, I could not force those bitches in to the pedals! About to give-up and find a bike store, some fellow riders were checking out my new Safire, nice bike they complemented! To which I replied, yeah, but I don't have the right cleats for my pedals! Dough! Well, to my luck, Nick was cool enough to have an extra set of pedals, the spds! They were all riding on the egg beaters, I am ready for that new clip-in experience!

After all the winding upphills, Lee and I finally made it to the power lines. A sweet rolling, curing downhill to the clearing was just what I needed!

I was hauling downhill and my new bike absorbs everything on the terrain, the big humps, the small bumps, and allows me to sit in my seat so much more than before! So bad ASS!! We started to climb the longer powerlines heading to the long downhill I had hated so much before going uphill! At the top, I cranker her down and started pedaling, the wind blowing in my face and my adrenaline pumping as I decent down the hard packed mudd. For the first time, I felt like my mtn bike was my dirt bike. The suspension felt AMAZING and I was able to HAUL much more ASS than ever before! WOOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!! Already, I couldn't wait to take this bike to another trail. So many to conquer; Chicopee, Blankets Creeks, the new Harbins, Sobe Creek for sure, and good ole Bull Mtn for the finale!! Finally I feel like I can make some serious improvement on the mtn bike!

This ride was tough, but towards the end, I felt like my HR was much lower and I was still hauling ass, that's how I like to feel the whole time! My avg HR at the Dirty Duathlon was 180, and I was not really pushing it, but still after being sick, still not too bad! :)

After the short yet steep ascent out of the trails, I was smiling the whole way knowing that this bike was going to take me to some incredible places. :)

Hell Yeah.

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