Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lil Tucker ~ My new favorite group ride :)

Getting back into the group riding now that the half marathon is over! Molly recommended lil Tucker as a great Saturday morning ride.

I woke up at 7:30, and it was a killer wake-up, right out of dreamland, I knew I had to get my ass up and get all my shizt together. I was out the door just after 8, and I need to haul some fast and furious car stylee to get there. Luckily, not much traffic on Saturday am.

I made it just in the knick of time, luckily they had not left yet!

The ride is about 42 miles, traveling from Tucker - Lilburn - Stone Mtn - past Norris Lake - Conyers - Stonecrest Mall - Lithonia - then back towards Tucker. Very familiar since I'm from Snellville.

I was a little but nervous since I haven't rode in any groups rides in awhile. The pace was up, and I was getting a little behind on the hills. Two awesome girls, decided to pace with me, and they sandwiched me in. We broke off in a smaller group of 4.

I still haven't fixed my polar watch, so I had no idea what mph or HR I was pushing. I'm glad I didn't have it because I wasn't scared away from any high HRs, I just pushed it through and tried to hang on to the group.

The ladies warned me about two big hills on this course, one near Norris Lake and the other on Farmer Rd. I was up for the challenge.

Once we reached about mile 20, my legs were feeling really strong, and I started to gain some confidence.

The ride took just over 2 hours, we paced around 15-17, and our mileage was about 42.

G R E A T ride, cool LADIES! :)

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