Saturday, November 7, 2009

L5P is Love

I've finally relocated to the BEST location I've ever lived-in. Just seconds from the bike path, my new place is finally a solid peace of ZEN I can call my own. The two months since San Fran have certainly been crazy, and hopefully now I can start riding, running, and blogging more!

This AM Erica and I went for a great run on the path. It was the first time I've been running, in, well, damn a very long while. It was good and I felt good. Erica is def more of a runner than me, and being the fact that she's trying to quite smoking she tooks some well deserved pride in her abilities. Turns out she used to run cross country and her Dad was a major runner back in the day, def genetically gifted. I'm not a runner, by any means! But I try and sure as hell would have never thought I could have finished 3 half marathons in my life thus far. Erica is going to train for the half with me and I'm hoping we can get Lauren, and maybe even Denise in on the action! MARCH is going to be a busy month! 3-11 day in VEGAS then the Half on March 21st. Sweet! I felt strong on the run for drinking all that PBR the night before and not having run since, well, for at least a month. 3.78 Miles Today Saturday, Nov. 7

This new place is finally great. I'm downtown, I'm near the park, there are kick ass tennis courts nearby, my neighbors are cool as shit, and I did some kick ass YOGA on my patio after my run...

I rode my bike to the Chomp and Stomp, to meet up with Bobby or Lauren, too bad, everyone left me hanging! Ahhh! I was all alone, in my spandex, with no water and no money! What was I thinking?! Lew couldn't get in with Garrie Dog and Bobby and the biker boys ate and headed home for a siesta before I could make it. BUt I still went and hung out, sitting on the grass checking out all the people. There was a great bluesgrass band called The Incorrigible String Band They were rocking, I recognized the basist and violinist, cool cats. I stayed for them, then watched some people shred some cabbage and rode on my merri way. :)

I had the chance to be part of the Undead Jazz Float for 5 Spot at the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade, we rocked the bloody gore! Love it!!

Halloween weekend was a bit heckic this year, but I had a blast on Saturday hanging with my fav folks in L5P and walking home, sweet!

Went to see Brand New at the Tabernacle, KICK ass show. Had a GREAT time with my bestie and drinking some 420 ales, I head banged so much my neck is still sore 4 days later, wow.

So, Now I'm finally getting back into the groove of things. This place is really a blessing for me and I am so stoked to have such AMAZING friends, loving family, and a great job.

Work has been challenging, but that's what I love about it. Always keeping me on my toes and making me stay creative and motivated. I want to perform the best I can and bring in the money for my company. I've had a few deals lately that have come to light that I am working diligently on to close by the end of this month. I hope to exceed my boss's expectations, that would make me very happy. This economy and market state has caused people in my industry to be extremely competitive and being creative is the only way to stay a float. Luckily I have keen adaptation skils and take challenges head-on.

I hope to make the rest of the year, ONE HELL OF A YEAR!