Tuesday, December 29, 2009


RAD! Saturday I hit Chicopee for the first time since it was HOT outside. I was hoping to ride a good 2 hours, but ended up about 1.5 hours with 8 miles or so. Damn, I had never ridden the trail CCW before and I have to say that was more difficult than the CW route. When I looked at the elevations on my imap, there was def some areas that I was struggling! D'oh, I was so mad I couldnt find my HR monitor, but I'm pretty sure, that I was high on HR! I'm really lovin my bike, I honestly feel like there are some points where I shuold have totally eaten dirt, but I stayed upright! Overall, Saturday was a tough ride, the trail was in pretty good condition given the amount of rain we've had. FOCUS: I need to do some hill intervals very soon, that's def a weak point! I wonder if tightening the suspension on the front would help make my climbing more steady??

Sunday: Met up with Caldwell at the Chicopee trail, he'd never ridden it, so I was stoked to turn someone on to a new trail. My knee was hurting a bit, propably from all the climbing and just rugged trail that I wasn't use to. We rode about 6 miles in just over an hour. We took the white loop (outer loop) CW around. That's my favorite run, CW on the white loop. There are some major downhill sections that are just a fucking blast. I was hauling! Caldwell, told me I was booking it on the downhills!

I heart Mtn Biking!!!! So much fun! I love getting dirty and no creek crossing is too scary for me! I feel so quick and nimble on my bike, I can't wait to keep riding and see where she can take me!


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