Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Falling into the Happiness....

Finally getting back into the swing of things! Making deals happen at work, cooking, drinking fine ales, working out, biking, running, and hint of swimming! Feels great!

I joined Sorella's Cycling team, and I hope to participate in more Mtn Bike races in 2010 and gain new awesome riding buddies and friends. I've been looking at my race calendar and with the ING in March and the Xterra in April, I'm going to try and peak my fitness for Xterra or April/May time. I would like to race a few mtn bike races leading up to this time then have the Xterra and maybe one other Mtn Bike race to peak.

I went on a great run the other day through Freedom Park. I've gone on a 5 miles run and 4 mile run from the house, and both were really good. I felt strong and enjoyed the routes. It sucks so bad it gets so dark and cold so early, but luckily ATL is a bright city.

Last Saturday, I talked Bobby into riding Blankets Creek with me! I was so stoked, even though he rides a fixed gear mtn bike, I wanted to blaze some trails! The wind was super chilly this day, so I knew that a road ride would not be pleasant. It was pretty cold on the trail too; we decided to ride Dwelling Loop since it's less hilly for the single gear bike. It was a great workout and my handling skills were feeling good. I wanted to fly faster, but I didn't want to loose my buddy on the trail.

I went cycling with Becca at Stone Mtn last Sunday, it was pretty cold at 45ish degrees, but it was very nice to get in a good hour ride in on the bike! I had to head to Gainesville to visit the folks so I didn't get a long one in, but none the less, those hills will wake up your legs!

During the week I've been getting back into my weight routine. I've only been doing 2x a week, but the amount of weight I'm currently lifting is pretty on to where I left off. I'm trying to keep building that but also I plan to focus on muscle endurance and plan to incorporate a lot more core strengthening and plyometric workouts. Especially planks, squat jumps, jump to box, and crunches.

Last Saturday, I opted out of the outdoor riding, and decided to try spin class. As much as I hate it, I know that continuing my fitness without gaps is going to be a crucial part of my winter training; especially since I don't have a trainer anymore. It's so hard to find instructors I like, and especially ones that play music that motives me. BUT, I got lucky and found one Saturday. I plan to attend her class Thursdays as well. Man, Spin class kicks my ass. All that running on the pedals and up and down and ughh! Then I get so freaking HOT! I need to put the fan in front of myself always! Or drink less beer and more water the night before! :P After the class I felt like my knees were sore, this happens a lot from spin class. Even when using the clipless shoes, I still feel like my knees get pulled way too much. I guess I need to put more resistance on the bike so I'm not spinning as much, or opt out of all the running spin workouts.

Sunday, I rested. Had some Christmas and then went home and watched some movies.

Ok, so what are my races plans? Tentatively I'm thinking of these;
2/13 - Tundra TT
3/16 - Chattahoochee Road Runners 10K
3/20 - Blankets Creek Dirty Duathlon (I hope this is the date they choose to do the race!)
3/21 - ING Half Marathon
March-April - I need to find some MTN Bike races
4/24 - Xterra Off-Road Triathlon

Live Life For Yourself, Never Give Up Your Pursuit for Happiness, Don't let your Fears Stand in the Way of you Dreams, Love Yourself

I'm looking forward to an AWESOME 2010 with sooo many Adventures, Good Times, Great People, Mouthwatering Food, Fun Travels, Amazing Music, and Excellent Beers to Discover!



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