Saturday, May 22, 2010

Atlanta - Decatur Saturday AM Route

First longer road ride in awhile. Got lucky on a lot of green lights... well except for the train crossing (detour~), and a non-stop ride around the round-a-bout ;-) So, that was nice. Legs felt good, The first half of the ride they were feeling tight, but loosened up by Avondale Estates.

Today is Saturday and my car was fucking stolen last Thursday, very, very frustrating!!!!! :*( Especially since we really loved each other, a lot.. But while I was riding, i thought to myself; well, atleast I still have my bikes!!! I have a new job starting June 1st, so next week is going to be my last harrah of unemployment; ending with my BDAY CELEBRATION!! OH Joy; 2 8 !

The Wailers at Wild Bills

It's about time to get back to a normal workout schedule. Hopefully will be getting the damn house rented this weekend. That will help. I am definetly going to get-on that Wednesday group ride and need to make Saturday/Sunday a long ride and a swim every weekend.


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