Sunday, May 9, 2010

It's Been Awhile ~*~

Well 2010 continues to be full of firsts for me... #1 First; I was recently laid off.. But now I have much less stress and WAY more time! :D It was a bruise to the ego, but I'm slowly getting back into the mode of things. Some positive firsts this year have been... Biking to a concert, dancing in ankle deep warm water at a concert :)) ( VEGAS ) and well hopefully some autocross and of course a triathlon finish or two! ;P

I went to SOPE Creek with Caldwell this week. I did a lot better than I thought I would. Last time I rode the trail was after a work day and that uphill killed me! But this time, I was able to push through and ride the entire length of the trail. Definitely doesn't hurt having a riding buddy to keep you motivated! :) And back was 110 times EASIER than out!

Finally got a chance to ride Critical Mass again in April, it was so much FUN! I can't find my camera, but I took a lot a great pics! :)

There was this one dude who had two bike frames one on top of the other, pedaling away, mtn bike tires and all. I even saw him hop a curb! LOL!

Got my Tattoo all finished, it's pretty sexy! I can't wait to race some triathlons and stretch my wings while I race! :) It's time to get my workout schedule back on track! I'm going to do a brick, mtn bike/swim tomorrow at the Lake,'s be aaaawhile.

Speaking of racing, it's time to try and make some race goals! Well, assuming that I will have employment sooner rather than later and I can afford to fork out $60 for a race!!

International Distance Triathlon - September 26th
~ Getting some newbies to the sport to come out and participate in the Sprint Distance race the same day, SOO Looking forward to Denise, Katherine, Amanda, Lauren all trying out a race! Lots of time to prepare!

Checked out the Beltline trail near Inman Park the other night with Bobby and his Lady, looks pretty rad! I unfortunately only had my roadie, so I was trying to navigate all the rocks and humps on my stiff ass road, but I still managed to make it a little ways, much more to explore on my MTN BIKE!!!

Here's me hanging with Sydney, my goddaughter. She's the cutest thing ever! :) I've been running with my cousin to help get her back into shape after the baby, Opps, I missed the 5K, damn Motivation!!! Where art thou?

This new Gorillaz album "Plastic Beach" kicks ass my friends, LOVE'n IT!

PS Can't wait for my Bday this YEAR! 20 days..

Till next time, ciao

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