Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing... Mrs. Mixon!

Wow!  What a fall season.  Finished up two triathlons prior to my September 29th wedding date!  Amazing accomplishment!  I did ok and felt much better than I thought I would. :)

For John Tanner, Mike and I camped out at the State Park.  The weather was nice, but the camping was a bit lame because the RV's generators around us were very noisy.  They started setting up the transition area around 4 am and everyone's headlights came straight into the tent!  Boo!

The weather was brisk yet warm with blue sunny skies.  Much better weather than my early summer triathlon. This race was not as fast as my previous one.

9/8/12 Place Race # Age Swim   T1 Bike   T2 Run Pace Total
  6 78 30 15:42.4   01:48.0 49:45.9   01:04.8 36:23.7   1:44:44.8

2012 Goals:

Establish Solid Running Base
Workout 3-4 days per week

2013 Goals:

Establish Base Race Year
Workout no less than 4 days per week
Interval Training
Circuit Training
Swim atleast every two weeks 

2013 Race Goals:

Finish Half Marathon under 2:45
Get Mike to do a Duathlon with me!!!

2013 New Year Goal:  Stop using Plastic Straws & Plastic Bags.  

2013 - My first year as a Mixon.  :)


Mrs. Mixon


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