Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Late November

Planning for a Half Marathon Starts NOW!

Current Plan: Establish a strong base of 3-5 miles average run distance.

My Weekly Workout Summary for the Last Week of November:

Thursday:  35 minutes / 3.2 Miles / Treadmill
 My run felt good.  It was nice to be inside running on such a cold day, but also hot.  I varied my pace and incline quite a bit; 3 intervals with slight increases.A good solid workout.  I pushed myself.  By the end, my face was beet red!  So I cooled it off and did a nice stretch out.

Friday:  Rest Day 
Movie date with Mike after work ;)  We saw RED DAWN, it was pretty good.

Saturday:  Blankets Creek - 8.2 miles - 1 hour, 34 minutes
Mike and I were excited to get to Blankets Creek this weekend!  We have not ridden the trails since last year!  Eek!  We started off on Mosquito Flats to warm up, then Mike's rear brake locked up!  :(  Bummer!  Finally got it un stuck and then headed on to Dwelling Loop!  I wreaked on a fast downhill, luckily only falling into a soft pile of leaved!  Fall = Perfect for MTN Biking!  We finishedup the loop and it was feeling pretty exhausted after the return climb!

Sunday:  Urban Mtn Bike Fun Ride - 8.5 miles  - 
 SundayFunday Ride with Rach & BC.  After some brunch, mimosas, a bloody mary or two..  WE headed out for a light ride to Chandler Park and back to Decatur. :-)

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