Monday, January 14, 2013

Brick - Swim / Bike

My first Brick of the Year.  Mondays will be my Brick day.

Getting to the gym after work was a big fail.  There was not a single parking spot when I before 6pm.  I had also neglected to bring my towel, damn!  So, I drove home only to come back about 30 minutes later, and I found a parking spot!

I weighed myself in today: 132
There are definetly some pounds I'd be happy to shed this year.  Ideally, I like to be around 115-120.

I headed into the pool, there was no one in the water, so I started my laps.  I swam for 12 minutes.  I wish I could find my watch, because I had to stop and check the clock a couple of times.  Especially towards the end.  I focused on breathing, my stroke, and consistency.  My body felt good and my stroke was ok considering I have not been swimming since my last race in September!

I transitioned to the bike.  First I started on the upright bike.  I do like this one the most because it is most like riding my road bike, but the super wide seat is very uncomfortable for my petite frame!  After about 8 minutes, I couldn't handle it anymore and switched to the relaxed seat bike.  This was ok, but I was pushing pretty hard and making it shake a bit!  LOL, pretty funny I imagine.  I felt a little odd with wet hair riding a stationary bike like a mad woman!  I finished up my 24 minute goal, and headed home to see my Hubby.

Workout Log:

12 minute swim - 12 laps
24 minute stationary bike; Level 4, random - ~ 9 miles

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