Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trying out a Triathlon Club this week!

Last week was a bust.  The weather here has been freezing and on top of that, Mike and I are wokring on turning over my 3rd vacant rental house... in a row!  ugh!  Can't wait for our weekends to finally free up in April!  Right now we are wokrin M-F and Sat-Sun!  Tough!

I decided to try a Tri athlon Club to find some more like minded people to workout with! ;)

This week I have the following planned:
Mon: Group Swim PM
Tues:  Gym (Solo) or Group Run in Dec (on my own)
Wed:  Indoor Spin Class
Thurs:  Bootcamp
Fri: Group Swim AM


The Monday group swim was awesome!  I've actually NEVER particiapted in a group swim workout.  It was a great experience.  We worked 300 time trails and did some skill work drills as well!  I opted for the beginner group, since this is my first rodeo with the group swim and the club.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was def the leader of that group.  I will prob move up to the beg/intermediate for next weeks classes.

I felt really refreshed and good after the 50 minute workout.  I can absolutely see how this will make a HUGE impact on my swim if I continue on.  Very cool people with the group as well.  So nice to be in a group workout with people who have similar goals as myself!



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