Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Monday:  Swim Class, 60 minutes, Open Water Skills
Always my favorite way to start the week!  We worked on sighting and good body position.
* Head up swimming - building strength for lifting your head to sight.
* Eyes closed swimming - you will discover if you actually swim straight.
* Bilateral breathing (opposite side breathing, every 3 or 5) - this is the natural way to become symmetrical and swim straight! Spend time developing your bilateral breathing in the pool and it will have a massive benefit on your speed in open-water.
I felt like I got a lot of benefit from these drills.   Our coach even took underwater video so we can see how we actually look swimming.  I need to lengthen my body and keep my body more parallel.  Check it out!  I'm in the red top and pink swim cap! ;)

Tuesday:  Group Run, 5 miles, 48 minutes, just under a 10 minute mile!
I was feeling great for this run.  The weather was great, sunny, high 60s, super nice day!  I was so stoked, that at about mile 2, I started hauling ass downhill, running my little heart out listening to my tunes.  Needless to say, the rest of the run was exhausting!  But I still had a blast!  I forgot my HR monitor, but I'm pretty damn sure I was near burning 400 calories on that run!

Oakhurst Community Garden.  Photo Credit: Rach


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