Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last Week Round-up

Wednesday:  Spin Class, 60 min, 583 calories.
Tough Intervals.  Trying the Compu trainer instead of the stationary bike - So much better riding my own bike and my favorite road shoes!  Power was hard, I started at 170 as my Target, but had to move down to 140 watts.  Going 100% and above that number was proving an extreme metal challenge for me!  They had some old school Ironman race on the big screen, must have been the 80s.  Bud Light was a race sponsor,  lol!  Mental Strength is something that will be very crucial to improving my skills and power!  I have never really trained consistently or as focused-on with intervals as this workout.  It is such a relief to be able to ride my own bike, be pushed so hard, and not have to "JOG" on the bike like at LA Fitness!  LOVIN THIS!

Thursday:  Bootcamp - 40s and raining
Yup, I bailed!  :(   Instead I did some much needed household cleaning!

Friday:  Went to see the EVIL DEAD remake.

It was good for a remake.  Overall I enjoyed it.  They kindof split up the roll of Ash into multiple rolls, which was creative but a bit odd.  Still, some of those classic lines by Ash, are best said by Bruce Campbell!  And then there was that hippe teacher character who just wouldn't die, like he was a superhuman!  Come'on ya'll, seriously stabbed that much and he can still walk enough to save the day?  A little too far!

Saturday:  Worked at the house all day, then headed with my girlies to see MUSE for Free at Centennial Park!  Proved to be a great night!
 Awesome Group of Peeps!
 Selfie on the Free Ferris Wheel!
      Muse Rocked it!

Besties on Top of ATL!     

                                 Der Biergarten After Party!

I Love these Moments!!  Carpe Diem!


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