Friday, May 10, 2013

21 Mile Buckhead Group Ride

Wednesday:  21 Miles Bike, 1:33, 

So glad to get back to the Wednesday night Women's ride from Peachtree Bikes!  This Sorella Cycling led ride is my favorite!  Very hilly and scenic, the route is challenging and fun!

  The ride felt great.  I was surprised that my legs felt ok after that 4.5 mile run Tuesday.  Sleeping in my compression calf sleeves make such a huge difference in recovery! 

After mile 10, I was absilutely feeling the burn in my legs.  I noticed that when I focused on my pedal stroke, keeping my foot nice and flat on my rotation, my calfs were on fire!!  Tired!

Towards the end my legs were really dead.  Climbing was tough too, but I was always just right behind the group!  Not too bad for not evening attempting a group ride in over 2 years!

Biking is my favorite activity, hands down!  This ride makes my Wednesday hump day that much more bearbale!



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