Monday, May 6, 2013

Good Monday Morning!

It's been a crazy rainy and cold last two weeks in Atlanta.  Mike and I finally got done with the RE properties, and our weekends are free.  I was so looking forward to some long runs and bikes, but we have been rained out!

The lake water is still freezing at Lake Lanier too!  It's such a bummer that I cannot fit into my shorty wetsuit, because I am going to freeze my ass off in two weeks unless we have some record highs soon!  Even today, is raining and low 60s.  MISERABLE!!!

SHIT! I just cheked the water temp for Lake Lanier, and it's surrent 46 degreess!  OMG, that's freezing!

NUTRITION: I've been trying harder to eat cleaner. Lots more fresh veggies and no processed foods. It's really tough sometimes because Mike is not into clean eating as a priority. 

PULSE CHECK:  12 days till my triathlon!  Feeling a little under prepared, especially with the lack of riding I've had a chance to do.  But ready to put my swim skills to the test and hammer down on my transition times.

How I'm feeling:  My run is still weaker than I had hoped by this time, but running strong is something I'm going to continue to work on.  I'm working towards a solid 9 minute mile, but still averaging about 11 minute miles.  My last run (with the doggie) was less than average.

What my 12 days plan includes:  Next weekend I will attempt to do a lake swim, maybe..  Hopefully, the water will not be desperately cold!  Absolutely ride the bike course loop over this weekend.  And really focus on eating pure and clean foods for the next two weeks!

Monday:  Swim
Tuesday: Run - Intervals
Wednesday: Bike/Run - Long Group Bike, short run
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Run - Hard 3 miler - push for under 10 min mile (no intervals)
Saturday: Swim/Run
Sunday:  Bike the race course route

Pre-Race Prep
Monday: Swim - Just laps, no skill work
Tuesday: Run - Light intervals, no walking
Wedneday:  Yoga or Pilates
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Swim AM / Light Bike PM (Hydrating and Nutrition is crucial the 3 days leading up to race day!)
Saturday:  Rest-up & Carb-up (Hydrating and Nutrition is crucial the 3 days leading up to race day!)
Sunday:  8am Race Start!



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