Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pre Race Ride - Iron Girl Bike Course

Sunday, I wanted to pre ride the Iron Girl race course up at Lake Lanier Island.  It's a rolling hilly 19 miles.

The weather was great, but a bit brisk with 15-20 mph winds!  Geesh!  We arrived at Lake Lanier Islands and parked outside the gates at Georgia Island.  From there we rode into the Park to the transition area to start and then started the course from there.  Leaving the park there is a slight ascent, but not too steep with much flat road after that!

The Play-by-play

Coming out of the transition area is a slight climb as you start the ascent out of the Park.  This hill was easy to climb and at the top is was a nice long downhill to a long flat portion.

As you exit the Park, the ride is flat as your approach a steep ascent out Lake Lanier Island Pkwy.  I went ahead and pushed up this hill, because you take a right on New Bethany Road, it's flat and speedy with only a slight uphill! 



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