Thursday, May 9, 2013

Tuesday Run

This week has been going strong.  I'm committed to clean eating and trying not to eat out at all!  I do have to say, that pizza has been my weakness. :/
Tuesday Run:  4.5 Miles; 45 minutes, 10 minute mile pace

I felt good before the run and had been hydrating all day!  Mike joined in on the fun too!  I opted for the 10-11 min mile pace group.  The route was 4 miles.  My goal lately has been to hang with the front of my pace group.  I was on them until the climb at Oakview.  After that, they lost me and I was just trying to keep my pace moving!  I was left at the rear with all the people who didn't know the route.  I knew that we usually took a right at Trinity near the dog park, but I opted to keep running straight through Decatur.  I really enjoy running through the downtown area and then the nice flat finish past Marta on Chruch St.  I always feel so strong at the end, sprinting in to the finish. :D



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