Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hill Intervals - 3.4 Miles

I'm focusing my Tuesday Night Run (TNR) to buikld strength and power.  I researched a few different hill interval workouts and decided on a Hill Interval workout.  I picked a steep yet short hill for my first go.  I plan to build more intervals and longer hills over time.  This was a great starting point!  Just enough to challenge myself without overwhelming myself!

Warm-up: 15 min
4x hill runs, walk downhill
20 Min cool down jog

I took Nismo with me and was pleasantly surprised how well behaved he was!  Such a good boy!  Love my pup!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Long Run - 5.87

I went for a long run, trying to make a 6 mile loop.  I took Nismo along for the fun!  I was hoping that some off road trails would connect, but upon my run I discovered the creek divided them!  The first mile was good, then I started to feel a bit tired after that.  I need to really pace myself in the beginning a little longer on the warm-up period on long runs.

Otherwise I felt really good, and regained my strength around mile 3.

HR Avg
173   bpm
HR Max
196   bpm
859   Cal
5.87   mi
Pace Avg
13:26   min/mi
Training Load

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mountain Bike - Sope Creek - Sorella Group Ride -12.05

My club had a group ride today at SOPE Creek. I haven't been out to those trails in about 2 years, so I was super stoked to ride them with the girls! A lot has changed over there. The routes are much more connected, directional with markings, and there are two main loops!  I had a blast riding with teh Sorella Girls and exploring this sweet intown mountain bike trail!


We parked at the Paper Mill Rd. entrance, I have never started on that side before.  It was pretty nice because it was not very crowed and there is no parking fee!   Coming from East Atlanta, it's a little longer drive to get to that parking area off Johnson Ferry.

I rode good!  I was rested and the weather was wet but humid and not too cold.

We rode 12 miles, moderate pace, in about 2 hours.  Lots of stops and waiting on the group.  I was pushing uphills to keep up, but luckily there was enough resting for me to stay tough the entire ride!

Polar Beat Summary
Photo Credit:  Sorella Cycling

I made some new friends and decided to join the Sorella race team!  So excited to get more involved with Sorella!



Sunday, November 10, 2013

Trail Run - Little Mulberry Creek Park - 4.07

Our version - 4.07 mile loop
Every weekend, I'm trying to get some quality trail running practice.  Little Mulberry Creek Park is located in Auburn about 45 minutes from Atlanta.  A huge park with multi use trails and host to one of the Xterra trail running courses.
Xterra 6 mile trail run course

Mike and Nismo joined me.  We tried to remember this route below, but it was very confusing without a cue sheet! We made it all the way except the end.  I think we lost 2 miles there.
This run was very challenging!  The downhills were fun but tricky with all the leaf covering.

It was pooped towards the end!  It's always a little more daunting when you haven't run the route before!

Time:  1:02
Distance:  4.07 Miles
Pace:  15:23 mph/avg
HR Avg: 160
HR Max: 188

This was a great course.  Now that I'm more familary with it, I would love to keep running this route and improve on my time!

Nismo loved the cross country trails too!

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Haw Creek - Mtn Bike & Trail Run

My bestie lives up in Suwanee, so I tried to find some trails in her area.  I found this easy 3.3 multi-use trail loop at Haw Creek Park which just opened up last year.  We loaded up our bikes and headed up the road for a light mtn bike and trail run.

This trail is perfect for beginners or getting girlfriend started with mtn biking and trail running.  mostly flat with some rolling hills, this trail is not much of a challenge for the seasoned mtn biker.  But was perfect for my bestie who hasn't been mtn biking in more than 6 months!

We did an easy loop and lucky Denise didn't kill me!

Haw Creek Park -Trail Map

 Great playground too, even adults can have fun!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wednesday November 6th

Morning Bike Commute

Motivated to ride this am since this is our warmest morning this week.  Rain coming tomorrow.
Low 50s, 80% humidity.  Weather felt good, not too cold at all.  Humid with wetness on the ground from overnight showers.

Time 00:36:49
Elapsed Time 00:39:58
Max Speed 30.4mi/h
Avg Speed 12.8mi/h