Saturday, November 9, 2013

Haw Creek - Mtn Bike & Trail Run

My bestie lives up in Suwanee, so I tried to find some trails in her area.  I found this easy 3.3 multi-use trail loop at Haw Creek Park which just opened up last year.  We loaded up our bikes and headed up the road for a light mtn bike and trail run.

This trail is perfect for beginners or getting girlfriend started with mtn biking and trail running.  mostly flat with some rolling hills, this trail is not much of a challenge for the seasoned mtn biker.  But was perfect for my bestie who hasn't been mtn biking in more than 6 months!

We did an easy loop and lucky Denise didn't kill me!

Haw Creek Park -Trail Map

 Great playground too, even adults can have fun!

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