Sunday, November 10, 2013

Trail Run - Little Mulberry Creek Park - 4.07

Our version - 4.07 mile loop
Every weekend, I'm trying to get some quality trail running practice.  Little Mulberry Creek Park is located in Auburn about 45 minutes from Atlanta.  A huge park with multi use trails and host to one of the Xterra trail running courses.
Xterra 6 mile trail run course

Mike and Nismo joined me.  We tried to remember this route below, but it was very confusing without a cue sheet! We made it all the way except the end.  I think we lost 2 miles there.
This run was very challenging!  The downhills were fun but tricky with all the leaf covering.

It was pooped towards the end!  It's always a little more daunting when you haven't run the route before!

Time:  1:02
Distance:  4.07 Miles
Pace:  15:23 mph/avg
HR Avg: 160
HR Max: 188

This was a great course.  Now that I'm more familary with it, I would love to keep running this route and improve on my time!

Nismo loved the cross country trails too!

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