Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cold weather finally hits Atlanta

I had such big plans for the weekend of Thanksgiving.  Two turkey dinners, mtn biking, and trail running!  Then the temperatures plummeted into the 30s and low 40s!  Nooooo! 

I only visited one store on Black Friday - The Pearl Izumi Outlet store!  So glad I did, I scored some new mtn bike gloves, a thermal short sleeve tee, and some new (winter) mtn bike shoes!  Yay!

I braved a trail run Saturday, but I really really didn't want to!  I recruited my Dad and Mike to bike the Chicoppee trail while I ran, and of course Nismo joined too!  I felt good and warmed up really quickly.  I felt a little rusty at running and the trail was covered in leaves!  Before the Outer Loop fork, I started to get pretty tired and stopped pulling my knees up high.  I stepped on a rock under the leaves wrong and pulled my foot!  NOoo!  I stretched it out best I could and finished up the short run.
Next time, I will shot for 2 loops!



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