Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fort Yargo Duathlon - 1st place in AG Novice

Goal:  10/min miles on the run and under 1 hour 15 min on the bike

Morning:  Felt good getting up, well rested, stomach felt a little full, coffee didn't do the trick this am.

Trail Run:  I started off at a 9:30/mi pace at mile 1.  But the rolling uphills at the very start shot my HR way up!  *~ May be worth a 1 mile jog to get warmed up prior to start.  After mile 2 I was starting to hurt, I just couldn’t’ get my heart out of my chest, had trouble getting my breathing and hr under control.  I had to walk a few times and felt pretty lame about that!  My legs felt like irons from mile 2-3.  Only towards the end did I feel like I finally had a decent stride!  By then there were only a few stragglers left in the field with me. 

I just got my new Garmin, so I totally had some tech difficulties today.  I didn't start the GPS until mile 2!

Bike:  I felt pretty decent going into the bike, but right off the bat, I was breathing hard and my heart rate was high!  The start of the bike was pretty hilly and I didn’t get a good pace until about mile 3 when I finally got my HR under control.  I had my eye on a blonde who passed my on the run.   I was thinking she was in the younger age group, but used her as a target to keep pushing.  I was able to pass her around mile 7 or so!  That felt great!  The last 3-4 miles of the bike were my strongest.  I had a blast!  I rode into the finish strong and had an awesome cherring crowd of Mike, my Mom & my Mother-in-law!  So awesome!

Result:  1st AG (30-39) for the Novice Category!  Sweet victory lol!

Run: Avg pace of 10:49/min mile.  - I sucked at the run on this race day!

Bike: 1 hour, 22 minutes, 30, second time, a little bit longer than I anticipated, but still on track!

Getting Xterra Ready!



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