Monday, August 18, 2008

Hootenanny Festival

August 16 - 18

Friday we checked out Halo, a local club in the Midtown area. Rachel got us on the guest list and they were serving free booze and food from 8-10. Of course, we didn't make it there until 10:30, but I managed to grab a kettle chip and mmm, it was yummy. I tried a pomegrante martini, which ended up being quite lovely and sweet. The crowd there was interesting. A mix of young & old professionals and tons of happy butt lovers not looking for the girlies. I called it an early one and was gald to get home to life off heels. :)


Woke up and felt ready to adventure into the woods. The northwest corner of Ga... Almost Chattanooga, TN. Knwowing that I would not get the chance to expersize today, I went to a light spin, avoiding the hills, resting my poor leg. Just getting better and letting that nasty absess heal and go away. So I rode a little under 1 hour and was surprised how high my hr started out at. Above 180!! By the end of my ride I was criusing rightaround 160, so that was better.

I got in around noon, loaded up the car, and headed to pick up Rachel. We gather our things and Katee tailed us up the great I-75. We had no idea what we were getting into besided Lews promisses of Cooked Pork and Sweetwater 420 and her adivce of don;t bring too much stuff b/c you wont need it.

So, that was what was expected... Of this Hootenanny, this gathering of music lover souls, of dead heads and hippies... Of travelers, and explorers, and kids just getting FUCKed up. The directions got us lost, telling us take a left, back south.. NO! We must go RIGHT north it is, the farms, the hills. 136 !!! How many turns must we endure??!?! Finally, I saw the sign, in the open farm with barbed wire fenses. HOOTENANNY