Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Fort Yargo Duathlon - 1st place in AG Novice

Goal:  10/min miles on the run and under 1 hour 15 min on the bike

Morning:  Felt good getting up, well rested, stomach felt a little full, coffee didn't do the trick this am.

Trail Run:  I started off at a 9:30/mi pace at mile 1.  But the rolling uphills at the very start shot my HR way up!  *~ May be worth a 1 mile jog to get warmed up prior to start.  After mile 2 I was starting to hurt, I just couldn’t’ get my heart out of my chest, had trouble getting my breathing and hr under control.  I had to walk a few times and felt pretty lame about that!  My legs felt like irons from mile 2-3.  Only towards the end did I feel like I finally had a decent stride!  By then there were only a few stragglers left in the field with me. 

I just got my new Garmin, so I totally had some tech difficulties today.  I didn't start the GPS until mile 2!

Bike:  I felt pretty decent going into the bike, but right off the bat, I was breathing hard and my heart rate was high!  The start of the bike was pretty hilly and I didn’t get a good pace until about mile 3 when I finally got my HR under control.  I had my eye on a blonde who passed my on the run.   I was thinking she was in the younger age group, but used her as a target to keep pushing.  I was able to pass her around mile 7 or so!  That felt great!  The last 3-4 miles of the bike were my strongest.  I had a blast!  I rode into the finish strong and had an awesome cherring crowd of Mike, my Mom & my Mother-in-law!  So awesome!

Result:  1st AG (30-39) for the Novice Category!  Sweet victory lol!

Run: Avg pace of 10:49/min mile.  - I sucked at the run on this race day!

Bike: 1 hour, 22 minutes, 30, second time, a little bit longer than I anticipated, but still on track!

Getting Xterra Ready!



Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Days recap

Whoops, I'm a lazy blogger y'all!  Let me refresh..  We had 2 weeks in a row with Snow/Ice here in Atlanta resulting in lots of time off work, super cold temps, and Atlanta in a standstill!

Woah!  Totally messed with my training schedule, but I did mange to do some snow trail running and snowboarding in my neighborhood!  Sweet!

Midtown before the chaos of SnowJam 2014

SnowJam 2014 - The day after - fresh pow pow in the n'hood!  Love those powerline hills!

SnowStorm v2 - Not letting the 2nd snow storm keep me from my running!  Nismo had a blast too!

View of N Druid Hills - I <3 br="" jeep="" my="">

Nismo thoroughly enjoyed our snow days and seeing snow for the 1st time ever!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brick :45

Brick Workout - Bike/Run - :45

I braved the cold weather and impending artic snow storm for a quick brick.  The ride was a bit windy, but I knew it would be a quick out and back.  The run was pleasant and I even got a little hot towards the end.  I could feel my legs were tight but I felt better after about a mile, the last .8 was faster and I felt a little lighter on my legs. 

Bike - Road
5 miles
Max hr: 189
Avg hr: 160

Run - Road
1.8 miles, 11.03/min mile
Max hr: 188
Avg hr: 179

Cool down
157 avg

Temp: 42, Cloudy
Humidity: 85%
Burn: 633


Saturday Long Run on the treadmill

Ran 1 hour on the treadmill Saturday.  Stayed in the lower heart rate zones maxing out once at 182.  Average hr was around 172.  Steady page, avg 12 min/mile.  About 5 miles. Building endurance!  Random Hills, level 3.

This was my first long run inside on a treadmill.  I took the ipad with me and watched abduction on Netflix!  It helped, but at first I was struggling with what to watch.  It's definitely better to watch an action movie, anything that is amped!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Run: Warm-up Techniques

Great Running Warm-up from 2x Xterra Champ Lesley Paterson

A funny for you...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Xterra - Ready, Set, GO!

I just finalized my training plan for the next 16 weeks leading up to Xterra Fort Yargo!!!

I'm so excited to finally have the time available to dedicate to training for one of my favorite triathlons ever, XTERRA!  To learn more check out this link:  http://www.xterraplanet.com/

Usually I have rental house drama or job drama or just plain life drama, but now all the houses are rented, I'm married and my career is finally allowing me to train consistently!  Woo-hoo! 

2009-2011 ~ RIP DramaS

2012-2013 ~ Last year I completed 2 sprint triathlons and was rained-out of my only triathlon this year (Iron Girl).  After a summer full of rental house headaches, I'm so excited to have my weekend free for riding again.  I haven't been serious about racing since 2007-2009 and I am so excited to get back into it!

2014 ~ My path is clear and I am so ready to focus on my mind-body balance to work towards accomplishing my athletic goals!  I've joined a great triathlon club, ATC, with whom I attend a masters swim class and boot camp every week.   I've also joined the Sorella Allegro race team to build my skills and experience. 

My sights are set and I will become a better triathlete in 2014!

Here's a look at my 2014 race calendar:
1/26/14 - Hot Chocolate 5K
 2/1/14 -  Polar Bear Run 5K
2/22/13 - Charles Harris 10K
 3/1/14 - Fort Yargo Dirty Duathlon
3/22/13 - Blankets Creek Dirty Duathlon
4/26/14 - XTERRA Fort Yargo

Jekyll Turtle Crawl Triathlon
XTERRA Tsali, Clemson
Rope Mill Dirty Duathlon

There are some major training commitments on my calendar this  year and I hope to stay true to myself and my goals by making this my best winter of training ever.

Some of my major goals include:
  • Finishing in the top 3 of my age group at Xterra <~ My biggest race goal ever ya'll!
  • Finishing the outer loop of Fort Yargo in under 1 hour (my best time is 1:21 in Xterra '09)
  • Mountain Biking for 3 hours (my historical max is ~2 hours)
  • Building my running skill, form, and strength
  • Trying some CrossX races this year!



Easy Run with Nismo

My foot is nice and rested now, so it was time to venture out on a training run!

I felt great, had a little bit of pain in my liagments, but nothing major.

3 Miles
10:51 min / mile