Tuesday, December 29, 2009


RAD! Saturday I hit Chicopee for the first time since it was HOT outside. I was hoping to ride a good 2 hours, but ended up about 1.5 hours with 8 miles or so. Damn, I had never ridden the trail CCW before and I have to say that was more difficult than the CW route. When I looked at the elevations on my imap, there was def some areas that I was struggling! D'oh, I was so mad I couldnt find my HR monitor, but I'm pretty sure, that I was high on HR! I'm really lovin my bike, I honestly feel like there are some points where I shuold have totally eaten dirt, but I stayed upright! Overall, Saturday was a tough ride, the trail was in pretty good condition given the amount of rain we've had. FOCUS: I need to do some hill intervals very soon, that's def a weak point! I wonder if tightening the suspension on the front would help make my climbing more steady??

Sunday: Met up with Caldwell at the Chicopee trail, he'd never ridden it, so I was stoked to turn someone on to a new trail. My knee was hurting a bit, propably from all the climbing and just rugged trail that I wasn't use to. We rode about 6 miles in just over an hour. We took the white loop (outer loop) CW around. That's my favorite run, CW on the white loop. There are some major downhill sections that are just a fucking blast. I was hauling! Caldwell, told me I was booking it on the downhills!

I heart Mtn Biking!!!! So much fun! I love getting dirty and no creek crossing is too scary for me! I feel so quick and nimble on my bike, I can't wait to keep riding and see where she can take me!


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Falling into the Happiness....

Finally getting back into the swing of things! Making deals happen at work, cooking, drinking fine ales, working out, biking, running, and hint of swimming! Feels great!

I joined Sorella's Cycling team, and I hope to participate in more Mtn Bike races in 2010 and gain new awesome riding buddies and friends. I've been looking at my race calendar and with the ING in March and the Xterra in April, I'm going to try and peak my fitness for Xterra or April/May time. I would like to race a few mtn bike races leading up to this time then have the Xterra and maybe one other Mtn Bike race to peak.

I went on a great run the other day through Freedom Park. I've gone on a 5 miles run and 4 mile run from the house, and both were really good. I felt strong and enjoyed the routes. It sucks so bad it gets so dark and cold so early, but luckily ATL is a bright city.

Last Saturday, I talked Bobby into riding Blankets Creek with me! I was so stoked, even though he rides a fixed gear mtn bike, I wanted to blaze some trails! The wind was super chilly this day, so I knew that a road ride would not be pleasant. It was pretty cold on the trail too; we decided to ride Dwelling Loop since it's less hilly for the single gear bike. It was a great workout and my handling skills were feeling good. I wanted to fly faster, but I didn't want to loose my buddy on the trail.

I went cycling with Becca at Stone Mtn last Sunday, it was pretty cold at 45ish degrees, but it was very nice to get in a good hour ride in on the bike! I had to head to Gainesville to visit the folks so I didn't get a long one in, but none the less, those hills will wake up your legs!

During the week I've been getting back into my weight routine. I've only been doing 2x a week, but the amount of weight I'm currently lifting is pretty on to where I left off. I'm trying to keep building that but also I plan to focus on muscle endurance and plan to incorporate a lot more core strengthening and plyometric workouts. Especially planks, squat jumps, jump to box, and crunches.

Last Saturday, I opted out of the outdoor riding, and decided to try spin class. As much as I hate it, I know that continuing my fitness without gaps is going to be a crucial part of my winter training; especially since I don't have a trainer anymore. It's so hard to find instructors I like, and especially ones that play music that motives me. BUT, I got lucky and found one Saturday. I plan to attend her class Thursdays as well. Man, Spin class kicks my ass. All that running on the pedals and up and down and ughh! Then I get so freaking HOT! I need to put the fan in front of myself always! Or drink less beer and more water the night before! :P After the class I felt like my knees were sore, this happens a lot from spin class. Even when using the clipless shoes, I still feel like my knees get pulled way too much. I guess I need to put more resistance on the bike so I'm not spinning as much, or opt out of all the running spin workouts.

Sunday, I rested. Had some Christmas and then went home and watched some movies.

Ok, so what are my races plans? Tentatively I'm thinking of these;
2/13 - Tundra TT
3/16 - Chattahoochee Road Runners 10K
3/20 - Blankets Creek Dirty Duathlon (I hope this is the date they choose to do the race!)
3/21 - ING Half Marathon
March-April - I need to find some MTN Bike races
4/24 - Xterra Off-Road Triathlon

Live Life For Yourself, Never Give Up Your Pursuit for Happiness, Don't let your Fears Stand in the Way of you Dreams, Love Yourself

I'm looking forward to an AWESOME 2010 with sooo many Adventures, Good Times, Great People, Mouthwatering Food, Fun Travels, Amazing Music, and Excellent Beers to Discover!



Saturday, November 7, 2009

L5P is Love

I've finally relocated to the BEST location I've ever lived-in. Just seconds from the bike path, my new place is finally a solid peace of ZEN I can call my own. The two months since San Fran have certainly been crazy, and hopefully now I can start riding, running, and blogging more!

This AM Erica and I went for a great run on the path. It was the first time I've been running, in, well, damn a very long while. It was good and I felt good. Erica is def more of a runner than me, and being the fact that she's trying to quite smoking she tooks some well deserved pride in her abilities. Turns out she used to run cross country and her Dad was a major runner back in the day, def genetically gifted. I'm not a runner, by any means! But I try and sure as hell would have never thought I could have finished 3 half marathons in my life thus far. Erica is going to train for the half with me and I'm hoping we can get Lauren, and maybe even Denise in on the action! MARCH is going to be a busy month! 3-11 day in VEGAS then the Half on March 21st. Sweet! I felt strong on the run for drinking all that PBR the night before and not having run since, well, for at least a month. 3.78 Miles Today Saturday, Nov. 7

This new place is finally great. I'm downtown, I'm near the park, there are kick ass tennis courts nearby, my neighbors are cool as shit, and I did some kick ass YOGA on my patio after my run...

I rode my bike to the Chomp and Stomp, to meet up with Bobby or Lauren, too bad, everyone left me hanging! Ahhh! I was all alone, in my spandex, with no water and no money! What was I thinking?! Lew couldn't get in with Garrie Dog and Bobby and the biker boys ate and headed home for a siesta before I could make it. BUt I still went and hung out, sitting on the grass checking out all the people. There was a great bluesgrass band called The Incorrigible String Band They were rocking, I recognized the basist and violinist, cool cats. I stayed for them, then watched some people shred some cabbage and rode on my merri way. :)

I had the chance to be part of the Undead Jazz Float for 5 Spot at the Little 5 Points Halloween Parade, we rocked the bloody gore! Love it!!

Halloween weekend was a bit heckic this year, but I had a blast on Saturday hanging with my fav folks in L5P and walking home, sweet!

Went to see Brand New at the Tabernacle, KICK ass show. Had a GREAT time with my bestie and drinking some 420 ales, I head banged so much my neck is still sore 4 days later, wow.

So, Now I'm finally getting back into the groove of things. This place is really a blessing for me and I am so stoked to have such AMAZING friends, loving family, and a great job.

Work has been challenging, but that's what I love about it. Always keeping me on my toes and making me stay creative and motivated. I want to perform the best I can and bring in the money for my company. I've had a few deals lately that have come to light that I am working diligently on to close by the end of this month. I hope to exceed my boss's expectations, that would make me very happy. This economy and market state has caused people in my industry to be extremely competitive and being creative is the only way to stay a float. Luckily I have keen adaptation skils and take challenges head-on.

I hope to make the rest of the year, ONE HELL OF A YEAR!


Thursday, August 27, 2009

San Francisco

Wow, I just got back from an AMAZING trip to San Francisco. I stayed in the city for 4 days, then headed south down US 1, trying to take-in the amazing coastal views. I will be updating soon with photos and all more adventures!! Stay tuned!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Women's cycling camp this Fall.. I'm thinking hell fucking yes.. I need some major shit!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's been a minute..

Damn, so life has happened, and the shit is finally starting to fit back in the place for me.. New job, new house, new shit... The training has been disrupted and now as I look at my Fall racing schedule, with my rental house going vacant come September, the Fall tri season is starting to look like the eye on George Washington @ Mtn Rushmore; blurry and small. Speaking of that, I am so heading to Cali this August. Finally, I'm getting my ass to California. So, here I am, continuing to have a fucking blast just livin it up in my free time and riding my kick ass mtn bike on the trail any moment I can get. I have been hitting up the Chicopee trails and find them very invigorating and challenging. Much to learn and strive for. The creek crossings are a blast, I love getting dirty, and I've had a fucking blast everytime I've gon e out. Always a challenge especially with the heat. Oh and lots of cool things like bucks and snakes to keep me on my toes, clips that is... My parents bought a new house on the lake near the trail, so It's awesome to go for a swim after I get all sweaty to cool my ass off.

I'm hoping to take a day to trail run and mtn bike then swim sometime in the future. My weeks and weekends have been so busy lately and I'm hating that I'm not on my training schedule as I wished. But, right now, happiness is key in my life, and I'm really just trying to live stress free and well, just free. I'm in fun, play, balance, mode. Getting adjusted to my new job, eh-em, I mean career!! So exciting. Yes, Brittany fucking Wade has succeed in landing an amazing job in Retail Real Estate. So, needless to say, I'm busting my ass at work way more than I ever have.

Got my first flat on Roxy Safire.. Luckily it must have been a slow leak, cuz i found it flat on the back of the car. When I changed out the tube, it was a freaking superlight tube, so no wonder it couldn't handle my pounding on the trail.

Wish I had a beer in my hand in this pic, guess glass wouldn't have been the best idea, anyhow.

So, I've gotten back into one of my old hobbies, jumping of high places! The new dock is fucking tall as shit and I've been jumping off it like a maniac, fucking awesome.

I'm ready to start sailing again. I'm jealous Drew's been out after work to sail. It's such a realizing experience. Just chillin on the sailboat, not life jacket wearing required. So many adventure to come.

From career to life, this year has truly turned out to be "different than all the rest"... Finally, I'm getting towards that best year ever. I love riding my road bike, she will always be there for me, ready to ride as soon as I finish my busy work/life challenges. My retreat from it all, my solace.

I rode to Stone mtn from my house and it was pretty tough the first 5 miles. Mainly because of all the hills, secondly because of all the traffic. It's so hard for me to go slow and keep my hr low when I'm on the road with a bunch of speeding freakazoids that I don't fucking trust for a sec. Once I'm in the park, I feel more a ease. I rode to the new tri shop I saw in Lilburn, to score some gels, only to find they didn't open until 12pm on Sunday, wtf? I was out riding at 10am bitches! Once I got into the park, I felt at peace and my pace started to feel smooth. One lap around the mtn. I saw a tri girl pushing up a hill, she passed me, and I was inspired by her pace, so I jumped on. Of course as soon as she noticed me, she stood up and pedaled away.. Those tris, they never like to play. I was going to bust her up the hill, but I decided to play coy and take my gentle spin onward up the hill, smiling, I knew I had wronged her, but it was just my nature.. My cyclist nature. lol.. I was feeling great and the round trip was around 17 miles. I need to do that more often.

I'm dying for some group riding soon. I went out the the womens ride Wednesday and I was a pussy thinking it was going to down pour and opted for a drink with Stuart at Fellinis instead. It ended up being a killer night, its always jam to see Eric; he's been fucking killin it this season. We had some super cold ones ar Brickstore and talked cycling and real estate, that's what I call a good night. He inspires me to keep going and never give up on my riding. Not that I would, but it always helps to get a 'lil more motivated.

I've been thinking about my cycling. I truly do want to be a better cyclist. And I KNOW that doing tris will always be in my way for making that goal. I'm may be all over the place with what I want, but I love cycling and I feel like I have a pretty good idea about racing. And honestly, not saying that I want to ever be the top racer, but I just want to swing for that middle range, the last is just not working for me.

As for running, that shit is so overrated. I can do it to kick my ass into shape, but to advance in running for me would be like eating glass. I have to admit that I have gotten much better than I ever thought I would be at it, since doing the half marathons and shit, but I would rather be a better swimmer, I have more natural skill for that, plus it doesn't pound my soul as fucking hard.

I love being able to chill when I want or drink some fucking good beers without worrying about compromising some fucking schedule. I'm really just enjoying having fun right now. So I'm going to flow with that. Keep it real, maybe do the Oktoberfest race if I can get my house rented in time, and def do some major fucking mtn hiking and camping this fall; maybe even some backpacking. Whatever comes after that, that's when it will all come together...

...So many adventures to come..

... I want to take it all in...

These are the good ole days
I don't care what they have to say
These are the good ole days
All together now

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Had a blast Sunday riding Chicopee Trails. More to come.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Xterra Fort Yargo 4/25/2009

Awesome Race! My first ever Off-Road Triathlon; XTERRA
.5 mile Swim, 13.1 mile Mtn Bike, ~5 mile Trail Run

Saturday AM : Woke up nice and early around 5am. It was a little tough getting up that morning since I had stayed up till about midnight getting all my gear ready to go. Checked over my bike, all good, gear check! This is it! The first Triathlon of 2009 ! Here we go.

Race DAY: We arrived a little later than I hoped, we had to go back for the beer cooler for our night in Athens Twilight :P ?! :( ..Race start is 8am, I was in line to get my packet by 7:20. Got my packet, only to find out the Small t-shirt I ordered, was a no go?! WTF? Oh well, got an XL for Peelskid to enjoy.

Transition Set up: Was a MESS! No designated areas, little room left, some people were even setting up next to trees just so they would have a place??! NOTE TO self: Get there EARLIER next time !!!

Swim: Brrr! Steam was coming off the lake, so I knew it must be a little warmer than the air temp. But I put my shorty wetsuit on anyway, because I knew it would be cold for me. I was a little rushed at the swim start, so I didn't get a chance to warm up. They started everyone together. Here we go 800 meters / .5 miles !! There were 3 buoys to swim by, keep 'em on your right! The first 50-100 meters were tough, it was difficult getting my rhythm in the cold water! The group was huge, everyone started together, the water was so chilly! I just tried to get warm and pushed towards the far out buoy, it was sooo far. Finally I got there, and a COLD spot! I guess from where they dropped the anchor?! Onward, I was finally starting to get in my rhythm.. I just imagined myself in the pool, and tried to get my 2-1 stroke going, but I was mostly stuck on 1 side! Ugh! It tires me out so. I just needed to keep straight, it was a guaranteed when I could keep the sun in the bottom corner of my goggles in the background. At first I didn't like the sun in my eyes, but I realized I could figure out where I was a lot faster to stay on track. I actually swam the whole time with my eyes closed every time my head went under. It's much calmer for me!

T1: After the swim I was so happy to get out of that cold water and get on my bike! It was a little longer than I wanted getting my wetsuit off.. Then I had decided to change my bikini bottoms to my cycling shorts, for a dry butt! I know it took extra time here, but seriously, this was my first off roadness tri, so it was worth it! Only an extra 1 minute in transition! :P

Mtn Bike: Having some technicalities with the disc brake was a little challenge for this am, the pads were soo close together... The bike started off on the pine straw through the finish line to the outer loop trail... I could tell I was pretty worn out from the swim, so I tried to go at a moderate pace to start... Luckily the start of the course was a little more flat to warm up before the uphill. Coming up on my favorite downhill section, I was hauling some ASS! Some guys were starting to catch me on the bike by this time, but I could gain on them really well on the downhills... Then the monster, MONSTER MILE.. Damn! I'm sooo glad I rode this last weekend, because this is some funky shit!! This newly blazed trail, had a rough, bumpy ground and tons of whoop-dees.. Thanks to my AWESOME front suspension for not BUCKing my ass off the bike on the treacherous humps! Then the BIG ONE, the one I busted on last weekend! My poor scrapped up knee and bruise on my left leg! I couldn't take anymore! I toke that MONSTER head on and made it out smoothly! After this race course, I was def thinking I should take advantage of some mtn bike training and skills classes?! The bike was good and I had no idea what my time was, I was just trying to have a great time and make it through the course to tackle that damn run!

Run: : Grabbed my running shoes, and started my 5 mile trek across half of Fort Yargo! The start was not too bad, somewhat flat and it was cool watching the top men coming in for their finish.. The sun was brutal, I was so glad to have my nike visor and shades! I didn't take off my singlet at the T, but I was glad since I had a few gels to munch on. The whole race I was so gaseous, burping a lot - Cliff shot blocks??! It was a little uncomfortable, but I wanted to make sure I had the proper nutrition I needed for the 5 mile run, no cramping for me, and I didn't!.. That was a longer distance than I was used to racing in a Tri... But that is what this year is all about, increasing my endurance for the the longer Tris & bikes I plan to do... I ran along with a guy, Billy, in his 40s, running at a good pace for me.. we started chatting and it was so nice to get my mind off the run, it was a long uphill on the gas line climb! I would have much rather been back on the bike! Talking with Billy kept me from walking and kept me motivated... About 1 mile to go I was starting to feel really warn out. I found out that I was about 2:30 in at this point. I knew I had to finish this soon! Finish in 15 min! GO! Shade! Almost to the bridge! I could hear the music blaring on the PA, running across towards the end! I was so ready to get a break, to finish the race! I couldn't believe I was so close! Ran closer, James was filming my run, I was exhausted! Past the people, back around the transition area, UGH! they wanted to kill us, running around in the pine straw.. Trying not to slip, not to bust... Running up, almost there.. DONE! I don't know what my actually time was yet, but it was roughly;


0:22:13 (.5 Swim) 1:21:05 (13.1 Mtn Bike) 0:57:01 (5 mile TrailRun )

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fort Yargo pre-Game 1 week to GO 'till Xterra!!

This is a test for my video, lets see if it works! It's mp4, so not the best quality. :?

Off to the gym now. I'll write baout Yargo when It starts raining outside and I can't play anymore! !! !

:) Ciao

Ps. U ever wonder where that ballon goes after you let go? Check out the tree to my left!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lil Tucker ~ My new favorite group ride :)

Getting back into the group riding now that the half marathon is over! Molly recommended lil Tucker as a great Saturday morning ride.

I woke up at 7:30, and it was a killer wake-up, right out of dreamland, I knew I had to get my ass up and get all my shizt together. I was out the door just after 8, and I need to haul some fast and furious car stylee to get there. Luckily, not much traffic on Saturday am.

I made it just in the knick of time, luckily they had not left yet!

The ride is about 42 miles, traveling from Tucker - Lilburn - Stone Mtn - past Norris Lake - Conyers - Stonecrest Mall - Lithonia - then back towards Tucker. Very familiar since I'm from Snellville.

I was a little but nervous since I haven't rode in any groups rides in awhile. The pace was up, and I was getting a little behind on the hills. Two awesome girls, decided to pace with me, and they sandwiched me in. We broke off in a smaller group of 4.

I still haven't fixed my polar watch, so I had no idea what mph or HR I was pushing. I'm glad I didn't have it because I wasn't scared away from any high HRs, I just pushed it through and tried to hang on to the group.

The ladies warned me about two big hills on this course, one near Norris Lake and the other on Farmer Rd. I was up for the challenge.

Once we reached about mile 20, my legs were feeling really strong, and I started to gain some confidence.

The ride took just over 2 hours, we paced around 15-17, and our mileage was about 42.

G R E A T ride, cool LADIES! :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

ING Half Marathon

Whew, another 13.1 done! Always an Atlantan favorite, the ING is a HUGE race of 15,000 people. Not sure if they reached that number this year, but it is always amazing to see seas of people running down Piedmont St!

The morning went well, I woke up bright and early around 5am, I like to be wide awake at least a couple of hours before the race. Ate some oatmeal, and banana, and my OJ/H20 mix with some much needed coffee.

My cousin Eddy, Martha, and a friend David, met up at the loft around 6am. Eddy and David were doing the full 26.2, and Martha was running the half after having her baby Polly.

I was shooting for under 2:30, while trying to stay in the lower HR zones. My times the previous years were;
2007 ~ 2:23:44

2008 ~ 2:33:19

2007 was a tough course, but I had a lot of training. The worst part of the course then was the out and back from Glen Iris down Freedom parkway towards 85/75. You looped around at the Tribute lofts, ugh! I almost got heat stroke from the lack of water stations and void of energy drinks on the course.

2008 was different, and they modified the course a little better. This year was tougher for me. I had not been training well and the weather was really windy and C O L D ! I was just glad to finish, that year I felt like my legs were going to fall off around Techwood Ave. !

2009 was relaxed. I did not have high expectations of the race and honestly wouldn't of even ran unless James paid for my entry, a whooping $75 (what a rip!) Coach wanted me to stay in Zones 1-3 for the race, and I knew if I did that there would be a lot of people passing me; but that was ok, because I have ulterior motives (X T E R R A ! )

Miles 1-3 were a breeze, I felt great and I was running about a 10min /mile. I knew at that point I would need to slow down a bit if I was going to survive the entire 13.1. The 4:00 pace group passed me at mile 3 and they were relentless with their pace, I didn't even try to hang with them! Oh, I had to pee so B A D at this point, I was going to stop at SciTrek, but they had 2 potties with already 6 people in line! Eh! I knew there would be more, so I pushed on.

Inman park was great. Fleet Feet had a little cheering section and everyone in the neighborhood was out with coffee in hand watching the racers. It had to be a sight, we filled the streets with color and hot sweat!

Once I got to Moreland, I was about ready to pop. I ran into the Starbucks (corporate in L5P, never been there), and flushed my system! Ready to rock, I ran out and towards Freedom Park. Running past the Poncey-Highlands band, I was soo glad we didn't have to take that left onto Freedom parkway, instead, we headed right and right on North Ave towards the Half/Full split. This is where the Half runner head left on highland towards the Highlands, and the Full runners head straight towards Decatur, the long way.

Highland was a breeze, mostly flat and even slightly downhill. I waved "Hi" to Van Michael Salon as I ran by, thanking them for my awesome highlights! :) Stuart told me he'd be chilling at Taco Mac in the Highlands, but when I got there, I was disappointed to 1) not see the band jamming & 2) nowhere in sight! The turn out in Va Highlands was poor this year! :(

Mostly downhill from here towards Piedmont Park, then at the school I ran by one fan was animate; she was yelling "ITS NOT RAINING!!!". Over and over I heard her yell this as her neck veins were swelling! EhH! But, I had to agree, Hell YES, it's not raining! That would have been miserable, like Blankets Creek all over again, but I had to R U N the whole time, nightmarish!

Piedmont is always a runner's favorite, with the rolling hills, midtown skyline, and sparkling? lake. I wish the course took us through more of the park, that 10th street climb is never a crowd favorite. Whew, I was pushing my heart limits making this one, I had to slow it down for a sec. Once I peaked the top, I started thinking about Rachel! I hoped that she was waiting for me at Juniper and 5th! I was soo tired from that hill and running, I just wanted to walk and give my bones a break from all the relentless pounding! My arch was hurting a little on that uphill, so I ran anyway that made it feel better.

Once we turned left on Piedmont, it was a long slight uphill, ugh! I was so determined to get over that hill! I made it over, and there was Rachel and Gus!! That was so awesome, I ran over and stole a Hi five from Rachel, which was exactly what I needed to get over the next hill to Peachtree St. Running towards Tech, I knew the end was in sight, finally, but this last 3 miles was my least favorite. Left on Techwood towards the GT Stadium, at this point my legs were pretty tired, and my joints were feeling worn... Right on North Ave, and then down the GT rd., I always remember how they put the parking lot strips on the left side of the road here. Then they had to change them to the right, crazy mix-up I think, like the GA 400 exit stripping! lol. Anyways, left on Marietta, the homestretch. I always think of this last mile, as the worst part of the race, slightly uphill and long, it's not very scenic, and the finish is blocked by building a mass buildings. When I could finally see the CNN sign, I started to get a little more hopeful.

I upped my pace, and started to head strong for the finish. At this point, I just wanted to get this over with! The slight uphill, then left onto Centennial toward the finish, I was relieved to see that this was a wide open area, instead of the cramped maze they had last year! YES, I was DONE!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

The New & Improved BWade hits the Trail at Fort Yargo

After successfully sticking on a fresh new violet Roxy sticker onto my seat post, The Specialized Safire is now officially Roxy~Safire, aka the new & improved bwade.

Anxious to hit the trail, Saturday am I was up early, tweaking my bike and getting my bags packed. James had a late night after.. Ryan Adams at the Fox. Tried to get him to get up and ride with me to no avail.. :( ... Luckily, my buddy Lee was up for a ride! We met up at the park around 1pm, to a beautiful, bright, sunny day with a slight chill breeze = perfecto!

It was so nice to get out of the city; yet once again I find pleasure in the pathless (or pathed) woods..

Since it was Saturday the trail went counterclockwise. I had never been this direction before. It was tough coming onto all the uphill after the Root Garden.. I was feeling winded... But the terrain was easily absorbed by the new & improved bwade! Lee told me more about "the brain" and how it reacts and adjusts to different terrains! It could certainly tell a difference! I was taking on roots and rolling loops with no hesitation!

Whew, that way seems so hilly in the first 30 minutes! I was huffing and puffing my way thro. Roxy-Safire could def take some hits, and then on the flatter terrain, she was just as smooth and stiff as ever, S W E E T !!

I realized that I def prefer the downhill sections, but I was so GRATEFUL that Nick, some random dude from Dunwoody, was cool enough to let me borrow his spd pedals. Roxy-Safire has some bad ass sram pedals, and damn lameo performance did not have the crank brother cleats I was in dire need on. Going on James' word that I would be able to use my spd cleats in my new pedals, I went on to Yargo anyhow. But, of course, just like at home, I could not force those bitches in to the pedals! About to give-up and find a bike store, some fellow riders were checking out my new Safire, nice bike they complemented! To which I replied, yeah, but I don't have the right cleats for my pedals! Dough! Well, to my luck, Nick was cool enough to have an extra set of pedals, the spds! They were all riding on the egg beaters, I am ready for that new clip-in experience!

After all the winding upphills, Lee and I finally made it to the power lines. A sweet rolling, curing downhill to the clearing was just what I needed!

I was hauling downhill and my new bike absorbs everything on the terrain, the big humps, the small bumps, and allows me to sit in my seat so much more than before! So bad ASS!! We started to climb the longer powerlines heading to the long downhill I had hated so much before going uphill! At the top, I cranker her down and started pedaling, the wind blowing in my face and my adrenaline pumping as I decent down the hard packed mudd. For the first time, I felt like my mtn bike was my dirt bike. The suspension felt AMAZING and I was able to HAUL much more ASS than ever before! WOOOOOOOHOOOO!!!!!! Already, I couldn't wait to take this bike to another trail. So many to conquer; Chicopee, Blankets Creeks, the new Harbins, Sobe Creek for sure, and good ole Bull Mtn for the finale!! Finally I feel like I can make some serious improvement on the mtn bike!

This ride was tough, but towards the end, I felt like my HR was much lower and I was still hauling ass, that's how I like to feel the whole time! My avg HR at the Dirty Duathlon was 180, and I was not really pushing it, but still after being sick, still not too bad! :)

After the short yet steep ascent out of the trails, I was smiling the whole way knowing that this bike was going to take me to some incredible places. :)

Hell Yeah.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

EXTRA Dirty Duathlon, 10 Bananas, and A super HAPPY Girl!

Whew, what a weekend for a Dirty Duathlon. Leaving home it was 41 degrees and raining. Just starting to get over my cold, my coach said I shouldn't race, but I didn't feel too bad?! I grabbed my poncho and decided to try anyway, even if I had to take it easy.

The race started for the women around 9:30am, it was raining and cold as crap! The run was good, MY HR was around 196 as I attempted to stay on with the other ladies. I decided to slow down a tad, to save my HR for the bike. I finished the 4.7 mile run in about 45 minutes. I was HOT from the poncho and decided to leave it behind for the bike as well as my wind jacket.

I grabbed my bike, and only had on my jersey and arm warmers along with my thermafleece pants. I started along to Van Michael trail, it was a little colder on the bike than the run, the wind was really brutal and the rain was relentless! Ugh! The course was in decent condition, so I pushed thro all the mud and water. About halfway tho Van Michael, I lost my rear brakes. They were caked in mud and I had to stop and try to get my brake cable tighter. I was thinking at the time that having disc brakes would be ideal right now! When we ride dirt bikes, it seems like I always had stopping power even when I'm caked in MUD. Luckily, since I didn't have an allen wrench on me, a nice guy let me borrow his and I tightened my brake cable. It was great, for about 5 minutes, until I had the same problem again.

On to Dwelling loop, I started to up my pace a little knowing that Dwelling is flat and I had just ran the course looking at all the intimate details a few minutes before. Then, my poor fingers, they were soooo NUMB, I thought they were going to fall off. I don't think they have ever felt so NUMB before. I soon realized that is not just a physical race, but also very mental. These elements were brutal. I soon regreted leaving my wind jacket at the transition area. It may not have kept me dry, but the wind on top of the 41 degrees and rain was BRUTAL!! I had to stop about 2 times just to pump blood back into my hands. I pondered the onset of frost bite, but shrugged it off since the conditions were not freezing. This whole trail, I had no rear brakes. I had to rely on my front only, and freezing hands to not send me over the handle bars. Needless to say, I was not hauling downhill like I wished I could be! Hanging in there, I was almost to end of Dwelling, headed for South Loop, Final LOOP!

Thanks to all the supporters on the trails with their cowbells and cheers! It made me smile, and made me warmer! South Loop = Unknown! I never got a chance to ride this loop before the race. All I knew is, it was really rock, like boulder sized. I pedaled on, keeping caution with my lack of stopping ability. Not so tough, I was hauling thro, then it came. The tree ramp-up, the big ramp, bigger than the others. I slowed down a wee bit and starting pedaling as I hit the logs, then, slip, CRASH! I crashed to the right tearing 3 holes in my tights and a nasty scrape on my shin and butt! OUCH! BUt, it wasn't any worse than the numbness in my hands, so I pushed on, I could hardly feel the damage in the freezing cold raining wind. South loop was definitely a bit more difficult and technical. I kept my eyes open and didn't take any more obstacles lightly. As I finally reached the turn around, I knew I was getting closer to finish. I couldn't wait to get dry and warmer, these elements were so brutal! Then I started uphill, in MUD LAND! Ugh, It was soo muddy, I thought I had a flat tire. It was like pedaling my bike uphill with a flat, just bogged down. I had hardly any energy left, and I was starting to feel the sting on my wounds as I pushed harder on the pedals. But, I knew it would be over soon, and I pedaled faster, making it thro the pine trees to the final exit. I almost crashed on the downhill to mosquito flats with only my front brakes to rely on, I wasn't about to flip over the handle bars, I was too close.

I was free, out of the woods, and onto Mosquito FLats. Slightly uphill and lots of rocks, I was POOPED! I was dead, but almost done! Then it came, the finish!! I DID it!! Despite the elements and being sick!!!

I got 2nd in my age group with my time of 49:12/run, 2:01/bike, TOTAL 2:50 !!!

After the race they decided to raffle off the two Specialized MTN bikes, with an eating contest! James didn't get chosen for the men, so he went to get the truck. I stayed hoping that with the limited amount of women in the crowd, I would be magically chosen. She called about about 10 numbers before they found 5 good contestants. I was lucky #5 ! Woo-HOO! The challenge: Eat 7 bananas faster than the other girls. I focused in on the yellow on my plate, strategizing how to maximize their swallow ability. Squish 'em I thought! So, when they yelled start! I smashed them into my mouth making a huge mess, but accomplishing a lot. I tied with one other girl. We had a face off with 2 more bananas, then tied AGAIN! OK, this is it, I thought, I HAVE to win, I am way too close to a new bad ass mtn bike! I CAN DO THIS. Face off with 1 banana. I shoved it in my mouth and swallowed, FIRST !!! I WON!!!!!!!!!!!! HELL YEAH!!!!! I was jumping up in down, I was so STOKED!! I can't believe me of all people could win a eating contest. I walked away with a brand new Specialized Safire MTN bike, top of the line, and stomach full of Bananas. I was the HAPPIEST girl alive!

Thanks to OutSpokin Bicycles for being so RAD to donate such BAD ASS bikes! And thanks to my competitor, she put up a huge challenge, it was only by seconds that I beat her!


Monday, March 9, 2009

Blankets Creek Bike/Run

Countdown to: Blankets Creek: >7 days !! Xterra: 47 days

Saturday: Mission; accomplish Blankets Creek!!

So, I thought it would probably be smart to actually get the chance to ride the entire race course before the big day on Saturday.
After a long day in a hot room to get my CPR cert, I was ready to head to Blankets. The class was suppose to be done at 3, but complications pushed it till 3:30ish.. I was running out the door to my honda after we were freed.. I pushed play on my mtn biking play list, rolled all the windows down, and made my way NW!
When I got to the parking lot, it was packed! I just imagined where they were going to have the transition set-up for all 300 racers. Speaking of which, what the hell would 300 bikers do to a trail in one day? I was pondering this as I hunted for a parking spot. I geared up, got my running shoes in place, and rode onto the trail.
First, the Van Michael Loop, I had never been on this trail. All I knew from looking at the map, was it was hilly and windy. I was excited and started off a little fast. Then the hills hit me! Ek! I was starting to realize how fucking it HOT it was, the sun was blaring on this side of the trail. I knew it must have been at least 78 in the sun. I had to stop a few times to catch my breath. I think the problem was, it was a lot of work for being so fresh on the trail. I regained my composure, and heart rate, and carried on. It started going down hill, so I flew into the cool air. Down over the bridge, what a fun little jump. Even with the people stopped, I had to grab some air! After all that effort downhill, it began again, the UP HILL! Ugh! So HOT! Trying to keep my rear wheel from slipping I hunkered down low to the bike, trying to keep my momentum. More climbing, I was HOT, and tired! I need to start this trail way slower! After a few windies, I started to reach the top, I knew it must be mostly downhill from here. With the lake in site, I started to whined my way downward. Coming to the ledge of this one hairpin turn, I knew that I need to take it nice and easy here during the race. The large rocks with dirt on the cliff side can certainly spell disaster, I guess that is what the rope is for! :) A little more ledge time and I was rolling to the bottom of the trail landing on mosquito flats. I put my polar speed on my mtn bike, I kept thinking it wasn't working because I did not see the distance change, and I was looking at 0, but in fact it was cadence, and I had forgot to start the workout! So much for that map! I started the timer, and went on my way.

Next, Dwelling Loop. Luckily today was Saturday, so I get to try Dwelling loop in the direction of the race, and the opposite of the two previous times I've ridden it. Feeling amped after tackling Van Michael, I was ready to ride fast on the mostly flat Dwelling loop. Somewhat experienced at this trail, I felt confident I could rock it. It felt great, and I was moving along pretty quickly, jamming out to my mtn biking mix... The sun started to get lower and as much as I wanted that so I could be less hot, I knew I was limited in my time on the trail, especially for the run (which I really needed to do). Towards the end of Dwelling loop, I found where they had blazed the new trail, it was rough and bumpy, with loose dirt instead of packed. It smelled of fresh dirt, and roots. At least I knew that if I was at this point, the end was near. I pushed on, and came out on top!

Transition: at the car, I packed my bike on, threw off my helmet, shades, and layers.. Pulled on my trail running shoes and headed back to Dwelling Loop. To my dismay, I've realized that the race is actually, a run then bike, but oh well! Atleast that means I will be warmer for the 4 miles of the hilly Van Michael trail. The run felt great, and I feel confident that I should do ok on race day!

An evening of recovery is exactly what I need. My couch, some pasta, a glass of wine, and True Blood on my tube.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fort Yargo Outer Loop ! CHECK!

Crickey! What a weekend! Home with fam and getting some much needed laundry done! Winder is only a few clicks away from the parental, so i had to take advantage of a beautiful Feb day in Georgia..

Count Down to: Xterra is 59 days !!! 17 days till Dirty Duathlon!

Whew, I have to get out to Blankets Creek soon!

I made it around Fort Yargo's red outer loop in about 1 1/2 hours, after that I ran the trail for about 30 minutes, which was all I could stand. They weren't burning the woods this time, but I did see some dudes in the back of a pick up wielding some chainsaws!

The ride was great, the weather was sunny and in the low 40s.. It was cold so I wore my L/S base layer, fleece jersey and wind jacket.... About 10 minutes in after I crossed the rd, I was HOT! I had to take a layer off.. I was jamming out to my MTN bike mix on my ipod and I was having a blast.

In the beginning of the trail, going Clockwise, it always gets my heart pounding.. I guess I must have been pumping along pretty nicely, because I made it to the dam in about 30 min! I knew this is where the unknown was going to start! This is where I had veered right to stay on the inner loop in the past, but this time I was going to ascend up the power lines and onto the red trail, the outer loop!

The power line climb was a pain in my calf's! It was challenging maintaining a good cadence while running across mini valleys of clay with areas of quick sand. But, I made it up, i probably should have eaten that gel just before, I was starting to taste it again in my mouth by the top! EgK!

After that, it was clear sailing, I checked my map a few times, but it wasn't hard keeping the lake on my right! The top of the mtn side was pretty easy, there were a lot of fun downhill sections and I enjoyed hauling ass down... Had to do a head check after some trees came a little too close, but I can handle the brakes pretty well and always seem to maneuver my way out of any mess!

After the trail ended and the geese parted ways for my panting attack on them, I whipped it up the little hill to the bridge and pedaled my legs out thinking how the hell am I going to run very far after that mtn bike ride?! I racked my bike and pulled on my XCRs and started running Clockwise.

The trail was paved at first and I didn't like that running in my XCRs, it was tough and pounded hard.After that it curved off right and became the woods. Avoiding the path with signs warning me not to enter Waamba Wayamfeasd Camp, I managed to stay on the trail and started to feel exhausted! My chest was hurting, so I slowed to a fast walk every now and again. Out and back, I turned around and headed back to the car. A slow jog, and mostly downhill, I've got to make the loop next time I come out.

2 hours total time on the trails! Beautiful day, clear air, and sweaty me mess.



Monday, February 16, 2009

50 Mile Sunday

After missing the Time Trial Race Saturday, I knew that getting to the Comet Trail Sunday was a priority! I meet up with the ladies, and few good men around 10-am.. It was a little chilly, about 52 when I left home.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 Gaps on the road bike

Saturday, February 8th, 2009
62 degrees, 31 miles, 3 1/2 hours

3 Gap has always been a dream of mine to accomplish. We took the shorter route of 34 miles clockwise from the Rock pile we (instead of Dahlonega as pictured) traveled straight up ascending towards Woody Gap, 3,160 feet. My first mountain climb, it was long, but I maintained my focus by keying in on my pedal stroke. Luckily Christi-Ann was there to keep me smiling and the view to my left was just spectacular. The team beat me up the mtn, but I wasn't too far behind. I was trying to push at least 7mph, but at some points I was only able to ride 4-5mph, so frustrating. I knew I couldn't push too hard, or I would never make the entire trek. I MADE it to the top and it felt AMAZING, especially knowing that I get to fly downhill for at least 5 minutes!!

The rolling hills into Suches were not too bad compared to the gigantic mountain I had just conquered. The view of the valleys and familiarity with the terrain was just invigoration. MY new Michelin tires were feeling great, and my ass was finally in my comfortable, trusty PearlIzu knickers!
Once we reached the gas station at 180, I knew it was going to be a long rolling mostly uphill, but I was determinded to not give up and blow a kiss to my beloved Lake Winfield Scott! Once the group starting rolling more than 15 mph, I always had trouble hanging on, which makes sense since I don't typicaly ride faster than that when I am training.... POINT in case::: ride in groups MORE OFTEN!!!! But, I pushed on, enjoyed the scenery, and knew that Lake Windfield was just ahead... I made it there and continued on past the lake, which had a layer of ice on top! I noticed that it must be getting pretty chilly up here at night with all the ice that was left over for my ride.
I started to hit the uphill that leads to Wolf Pen Gap. My muscles were giving out on me, I had no power to push and I was loosing speed as I started to ascend. With my team powering up the hill in front of me, out of site, I felt it would be smarter if I rode this one in the SAG car, and saved myself for the Neel's Gap climb. KISS ! Keep it Simple Stupid! This is my 1st EVER mtn ride, and the goal is to finish, not KILL myself! So, I rode up Wolf Pen in the SAG.
The decent down Wolf Pen Gap toward Vogel State Park was AWESOME! The winding road and horseshoe bends were really fun! The gravel was a bit danagerous, but I love handling my bike and had no trouble flying down on my new michelin tires. It got pretty cool on that descent, my teeth were chattering away!

Vogel State park started to show up on my right, the huge lake looming through the trees.I knew that once I hit 19 it was going to be a BIG climb. I remeber as a kid seeing the truck runaway ramps on this road, and knowing that, I knew that it was going to bee steep for a long while. I started my trek, and I felt great! I kept going and trying to make it to the horeshoe parking lot at the base of Neel's gap, once I saw that, I knew there wasn't too much further to go. It was a tough climb, but luckily Pink Floyd was singing Shine on you Crazy Diamond in my ear, and it helped me zone out and focus on keeping my pedal stroke steady! Cristiy-Ann was hung back and climbed with me, which helped a lot!

This is me almost to the top on the lef!! Robin was awesome (on right), she's a Pro! She came out to help us with riding technique and manuevering. One NOTE here to myself is: RELAX & DROP back your shoulders! It was a long ride up, but I DID it! I never gave up! I was very glad I saved myself, because I think if I would have climped Wolf Pen Gap, I may never have made it on, maybe, just saying!
Amazing Weekend. Saturday was Team training camp in Peachtree City where we rode 55 miles, practicing team manuevering and sprinting.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb Fever

I'm getting new tires on my road bike today. I've had the original tires on the bike since I purchased it in 2006, so I figured before my training camp this weekend, it would be a good idea. I bought the Michelin Lithium tires. I look forward to trying them out.

My Team training camp is going to be some serious shit. We are riding for 60 miles on Saturday and then heading to 3 Gap for at least 30 or more miles in the Mountains. I am really looking forward to climbing Hog Pen Gap and coasting by Lake Windfield Scott! Not to mention accomplish my goal of riding in the mtns!!!

I've been feeling a lil ear infection coming on this week, but I have been taking extra care to keep it dry and clean it out with alcohol. My throat has also been aching.

I am about to change up my multi vitamin. I'm trying a new one that has a few additional vit and minerals for more energy and well being. I start that tonight.

I am about to start studying for the AFAA group fitness cert class I am attending tomorrow. I am looking forward to opportunity ti teach fitness classes and meet new peeps.

till next time, cheers