Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Fort Yargo Outer Loop ! CHECK!

Crickey! What a weekend! Home with fam and getting some much needed laundry done! Winder is only a few clicks away from the parental, so i had to take advantage of a beautiful Feb day in Georgia..

Count Down to: Xterra is 59 days !!! 17 days till Dirty Duathlon!

Whew, I have to get out to Blankets Creek soon!

I made it around Fort Yargo's red outer loop in about 1 1/2 hours, after that I ran the trail for about 30 minutes, which was all I could stand. They weren't burning the woods this time, but I did see some dudes in the back of a pick up wielding some chainsaws!

The ride was great, the weather was sunny and in the low 40s.. It was cold so I wore my L/S base layer, fleece jersey and wind jacket.... About 10 minutes in after I crossed the rd, I was HOT! I had to take a layer off.. I was jamming out to my MTN bike mix on my ipod and I was having a blast.

In the beginning of the trail, going Clockwise, it always gets my heart pounding.. I guess I must have been pumping along pretty nicely, because I made it to the dam in about 30 min! I knew this is where the unknown was going to start! This is where I had veered right to stay on the inner loop in the past, but this time I was going to ascend up the power lines and onto the red trail, the outer loop!

The power line climb was a pain in my calf's! It was challenging maintaining a good cadence while running across mini valleys of clay with areas of quick sand. But, I made it up, i probably should have eaten that gel just before, I was starting to taste it again in my mouth by the top! EgK!

After that, it was clear sailing, I checked my map a few times, but it wasn't hard keeping the lake on my right! The top of the mtn side was pretty easy, there were a lot of fun downhill sections and I enjoyed hauling ass down... Had to do a head check after some trees came a little too close, but I can handle the brakes pretty well and always seem to maneuver my way out of any mess!

After the trail ended and the geese parted ways for my panting attack on them, I whipped it up the little hill to the bridge and pedaled my legs out thinking how the hell am I going to run very far after that mtn bike ride?! I racked my bike and pulled on my XCRs and started running Clockwise.

The trail was paved at first and I didn't like that running in my XCRs, it was tough and pounded hard.After that it curved off right and became the woods. Avoiding the path with signs warning me not to enter Waamba Wayamfeasd Camp, I managed to stay on the trail and started to feel exhausted! My chest was hurting, so I slowed to a fast walk every now and again. Out and back, I turned around and headed back to the car. A slow jog, and mostly downhill, I've got to make the loop next time I come out.

2 hours total time on the trails! Beautiful day, clear air, and sweaty me mess.



Monday, February 16, 2009

50 Mile Sunday

After missing the Time Trial Race Saturday, I knew that getting to the Comet Trail Sunday was a priority! I meet up with the ladies, and few good men around 10-am.. It was a little chilly, about 52 when I left home.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

3 Gaps on the road bike

Saturday, February 8th, 2009
62 degrees, 31 miles, 3 1/2 hours

3 Gap has always been a dream of mine to accomplish. We took the shorter route of 34 miles clockwise from the Rock pile we (instead of Dahlonega as pictured) traveled straight up ascending towards Woody Gap, 3,160 feet. My first mountain climb, it was long, but I maintained my focus by keying in on my pedal stroke. Luckily Christi-Ann was there to keep me smiling and the view to my left was just spectacular. The team beat me up the mtn, but I wasn't too far behind. I was trying to push at least 7mph, but at some points I was only able to ride 4-5mph, so frustrating. I knew I couldn't push too hard, or I would never make the entire trek. I MADE it to the top and it felt AMAZING, especially knowing that I get to fly downhill for at least 5 minutes!!

The rolling hills into Suches were not too bad compared to the gigantic mountain I had just conquered. The view of the valleys and familiarity with the terrain was just invigoration. MY new Michelin tires were feeling great, and my ass was finally in my comfortable, trusty PearlIzu knickers!
Once we reached the gas station at 180, I knew it was going to be a long rolling mostly uphill, but I was determinded to not give up and blow a kiss to my beloved Lake Winfield Scott! Once the group starting rolling more than 15 mph, I always had trouble hanging on, which makes sense since I don't typicaly ride faster than that when I am training.... POINT in case::: ride in groups MORE OFTEN!!!! But, I pushed on, enjoyed the scenery, and knew that Lake Windfield was just ahead... I made it there and continued on past the lake, which had a layer of ice on top! I noticed that it must be getting pretty chilly up here at night with all the ice that was left over for my ride.
I started to hit the uphill that leads to Wolf Pen Gap. My muscles were giving out on me, I had no power to push and I was loosing speed as I started to ascend. With my team powering up the hill in front of me, out of site, I felt it would be smarter if I rode this one in the SAG car, and saved myself for the Neel's Gap climb. KISS ! Keep it Simple Stupid! This is my 1st EVER mtn ride, and the goal is to finish, not KILL myself! So, I rode up Wolf Pen in the SAG.
The decent down Wolf Pen Gap toward Vogel State Park was AWESOME! The winding road and horseshoe bends were really fun! The gravel was a bit danagerous, but I love handling my bike and had no trouble flying down on my new michelin tires. It got pretty cool on that descent, my teeth were chattering away!

Vogel State park started to show up on my right, the huge lake looming through the trees.I knew that once I hit 19 it was going to be a BIG climb. I remeber as a kid seeing the truck runaway ramps on this road, and knowing that, I knew that it was going to bee steep for a long while. I started my trek, and I felt great! I kept going and trying to make it to the horeshoe parking lot at the base of Neel's gap, once I saw that, I knew there wasn't too much further to go. It was a tough climb, but luckily Pink Floyd was singing Shine on you Crazy Diamond in my ear, and it helped me zone out and focus on keeping my pedal stroke steady! Cristiy-Ann was hung back and climbed with me, which helped a lot!

This is me almost to the top on the lef!! Robin was awesome (on right), she's a Pro! She came out to help us with riding technique and manuevering. One NOTE here to myself is: RELAX & DROP back your shoulders! It was a long ride up, but I DID it! I never gave up! I was very glad I saved myself, because I think if I would have climped Wolf Pen Gap, I may never have made it on, maybe, just saying!
Amazing Weekend. Saturday was Team training camp in Peachtree City where we rode 55 miles, practicing team manuevering and sprinting.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Feb Fever

I'm getting new tires on my road bike today. I've had the original tires on the bike since I purchased it in 2006, so I figured before my training camp this weekend, it would be a good idea. I bought the Michelin Lithium tires. I look forward to trying them out.

My Team training camp is going to be some serious shit. We are riding for 60 miles on Saturday and then heading to 3 Gap for at least 30 or more miles in the Mountains. I am really looking forward to climbing Hog Pen Gap and coasting by Lake Windfield Scott! Not to mention accomplish my goal of riding in the mtns!!!

I've been feeling a lil ear infection coming on this week, but I have been taking extra care to keep it dry and clean it out with alcohol. My throat has also been aching.

I am about to change up my multi vitamin. I'm trying a new one that has a few additional vit and minerals for more energy and well being. I start that tonight.

I am about to start studying for the AFAA group fitness cert class I am attending tomorrow. I am looking forward to opportunity ti teach fitness classes and meet new peeps.

till next time, cheers