Monday, April 27, 2009

Xterra Fort Yargo 4/25/2009

Awesome Race! My first ever Off-Road Triathlon; XTERRA
.5 mile Swim, 13.1 mile Mtn Bike, ~5 mile Trail Run

Saturday AM : Woke up nice and early around 5am. It was a little tough getting up that morning since I had stayed up till about midnight getting all my gear ready to go. Checked over my bike, all good, gear check! This is it! The first Triathlon of 2009 ! Here we go.

Race DAY: We arrived a little later than I hoped, we had to go back for the beer cooler for our night in Athens Twilight :P ?! :( ..Race start is 8am, I was in line to get my packet by 7:20. Got my packet, only to find out the Small t-shirt I ordered, was a no go?! WTF? Oh well, got an XL for Peelskid to enjoy.

Transition Set up: Was a MESS! No designated areas, little room left, some people were even setting up next to trees just so they would have a place??! NOTE TO self: Get there EARLIER next time !!!

Swim: Brrr! Steam was coming off the lake, so I knew it must be a little warmer than the air temp. But I put my shorty wetsuit on anyway, because I knew it would be cold for me. I was a little rushed at the swim start, so I didn't get a chance to warm up. They started everyone together. Here we go 800 meters / .5 miles !! There were 3 buoys to swim by, keep 'em on your right! The first 50-100 meters were tough, it was difficult getting my rhythm in the cold water! The group was huge, everyone started together, the water was so chilly! I just tried to get warm and pushed towards the far out buoy, it was sooo far. Finally I got there, and a COLD spot! I guess from where they dropped the anchor?! Onward, I was finally starting to get in my rhythm.. I just imagined myself in the pool, and tried to get my 2-1 stroke going, but I was mostly stuck on 1 side! Ugh! It tires me out so. I just needed to keep straight, it was a guaranteed when I could keep the sun in the bottom corner of my goggles in the background. At first I didn't like the sun in my eyes, but I realized I could figure out where I was a lot faster to stay on track. I actually swam the whole time with my eyes closed every time my head went under. It's much calmer for me!

T1: After the swim I was so happy to get out of that cold water and get on my bike! It was a little longer than I wanted getting my wetsuit off.. Then I had decided to change my bikini bottoms to my cycling shorts, for a dry butt! I know it took extra time here, but seriously, this was my first off roadness tri, so it was worth it! Only an extra 1 minute in transition! :P

Mtn Bike: Having some technicalities with the disc brake was a little challenge for this am, the pads were soo close together... The bike started off on the pine straw through the finish line to the outer loop trail... I could tell I was pretty worn out from the swim, so I tried to go at a moderate pace to start... Luckily the start of the course was a little more flat to warm up before the uphill. Coming up on my favorite downhill section, I was hauling some ASS! Some guys were starting to catch me on the bike by this time, but I could gain on them really well on the downhills... Then the monster, MONSTER MILE.. Damn! I'm sooo glad I rode this last weekend, because this is some funky shit!! This newly blazed trail, had a rough, bumpy ground and tons of whoop-dees.. Thanks to my AWESOME front suspension for not BUCKing my ass off the bike on the treacherous humps! Then the BIG ONE, the one I busted on last weekend! My poor scrapped up knee and bruise on my left leg! I couldn't take anymore! I toke that MONSTER head on and made it out smoothly! After this race course, I was def thinking I should take advantage of some mtn bike training and skills classes?! The bike was good and I had no idea what my time was, I was just trying to have a great time and make it through the course to tackle that damn run!

Run: : Grabbed my running shoes, and started my 5 mile trek across half of Fort Yargo! The start was not too bad, somewhat flat and it was cool watching the top men coming in for their finish.. The sun was brutal, I was so glad to have my nike visor and shades! I didn't take off my singlet at the T, but I was glad since I had a few gels to munch on. The whole race I was so gaseous, burping a lot - Cliff shot blocks??! It was a little uncomfortable, but I wanted to make sure I had the proper nutrition I needed for the 5 mile run, no cramping for me, and I didn't!.. That was a longer distance than I was used to racing in a Tri... But that is what this year is all about, increasing my endurance for the the longer Tris & bikes I plan to do... I ran along with a guy, Billy, in his 40s, running at a good pace for me.. we started chatting and it was so nice to get my mind off the run, it was a long uphill on the gas line climb! I would have much rather been back on the bike! Talking with Billy kept me from walking and kept me motivated... About 1 mile to go I was starting to feel really warn out. I found out that I was about 2:30 in at this point. I knew I had to finish this soon! Finish in 15 min! GO! Shade! Almost to the bridge! I could hear the music blaring on the PA, running across towards the end! I was so ready to get a break, to finish the race! I couldn't believe I was so close! Ran closer, James was filming my run, I was exhausted! Past the people, back around the transition area, UGH! they wanted to kill us, running around in the pine straw.. Trying not to slip, not to bust... Running up, almost there.. DONE! I don't know what my actually time was yet, but it was roughly;


0:22:13 (.5 Swim) 1:21:05 (13.1 Mtn Bike) 0:57:01 (5 mile TrailRun )

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Fort Yargo pre-Game 1 week to GO 'till Xterra!!

This is a test for my video, lets see if it works! It's mp4, so not the best quality. :?

Off to the gym now. I'll write baout Yargo when It starts raining outside and I can't play anymore! !! !

:) Ciao

Ps. U ever wonder where that ballon goes after you let go? Check out the tree to my left!


Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lil Tucker ~ My new favorite group ride :)

Getting back into the group riding now that the half marathon is over! Molly recommended lil Tucker as a great Saturday morning ride.

I woke up at 7:30, and it was a killer wake-up, right out of dreamland, I knew I had to get my ass up and get all my shizt together. I was out the door just after 8, and I need to haul some fast and furious car stylee to get there. Luckily, not much traffic on Saturday am.

I made it just in the knick of time, luckily they had not left yet!

The ride is about 42 miles, traveling from Tucker - Lilburn - Stone Mtn - past Norris Lake - Conyers - Stonecrest Mall - Lithonia - then back towards Tucker. Very familiar since I'm from Snellville.

I was a little but nervous since I haven't rode in any groups rides in awhile. The pace was up, and I was getting a little behind on the hills. Two awesome girls, decided to pace with me, and they sandwiched me in. We broke off in a smaller group of 4.

I still haven't fixed my polar watch, so I had no idea what mph or HR I was pushing. I'm glad I didn't have it because I wasn't scared away from any high HRs, I just pushed it through and tried to hang on to the group.

The ladies warned me about two big hills on this course, one near Norris Lake and the other on Farmer Rd. I was up for the challenge.

Once we reached about mile 20, my legs were feeling really strong, and I started to gain some confidence.

The ride took just over 2 hours, we paced around 15-17, and our mileage was about 42.

G R E A T ride, cool LADIES! :)