Monday, July 20, 2009


Women's cycling camp this Fall.. I'm thinking hell fucking yes.. I need some major shit!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

It's been a minute..

Damn, so life has happened, and the shit is finally starting to fit back in the place for me.. New job, new house, new shit... The training has been disrupted and now as I look at my Fall racing schedule, with my rental house going vacant come September, the Fall tri season is starting to look like the eye on George Washington @ Mtn Rushmore; blurry and small. Speaking of that, I am so heading to Cali this August. Finally, I'm getting my ass to California. So, here I am, continuing to have a fucking blast just livin it up in my free time and riding my kick ass mtn bike on the trail any moment I can get. I have been hitting up the Chicopee trails and find them very invigorating and challenging. Much to learn and strive for. The creek crossings are a blast, I love getting dirty, and I've had a fucking blast everytime I've gon e out. Always a challenge especially with the heat. Oh and lots of cool things like bucks and snakes to keep me on my toes, clips that is... My parents bought a new house on the lake near the trail, so It's awesome to go for a swim after I get all sweaty to cool my ass off.

I'm hoping to take a day to trail run and mtn bike then swim sometime in the future. My weeks and weekends have been so busy lately and I'm hating that I'm not on my training schedule as I wished. But, right now, happiness is key in my life, and I'm really just trying to live stress free and well, just free. I'm in fun, play, balance, mode. Getting adjusted to my new job, eh-em, I mean career!! So exciting. Yes, Brittany fucking Wade has succeed in landing an amazing job in Retail Real Estate. So, needless to say, I'm busting my ass at work way more than I ever have.

Got my first flat on Roxy Safire.. Luckily it must have been a slow leak, cuz i found it flat on the back of the car. When I changed out the tube, it was a freaking superlight tube, so no wonder it couldn't handle my pounding on the trail.

Wish I had a beer in my hand in this pic, guess glass wouldn't have been the best idea, anyhow.

So, I've gotten back into one of my old hobbies, jumping of high places! The new dock is fucking tall as shit and I've been jumping off it like a maniac, fucking awesome.

I'm ready to start sailing again. I'm jealous Drew's been out after work to sail. It's such a realizing experience. Just chillin on the sailboat, not life jacket wearing required. So many adventure to come.

From career to life, this year has truly turned out to be "different than all the rest"... Finally, I'm getting towards that best year ever. I love riding my road bike, she will always be there for me, ready to ride as soon as I finish my busy work/life challenges. My retreat from it all, my solace.

I rode to Stone mtn from my house and it was pretty tough the first 5 miles. Mainly because of all the hills, secondly because of all the traffic. It's so hard for me to go slow and keep my hr low when I'm on the road with a bunch of speeding freakazoids that I don't fucking trust for a sec. Once I'm in the park, I feel more a ease. I rode to the new tri shop I saw in Lilburn, to score some gels, only to find they didn't open until 12pm on Sunday, wtf? I was out riding at 10am bitches! Once I got into the park, I felt at peace and my pace started to feel smooth. One lap around the mtn. I saw a tri girl pushing up a hill, she passed me, and I was inspired by her pace, so I jumped on. Of course as soon as she noticed me, she stood up and pedaled away.. Those tris, they never like to play. I was going to bust her up the hill, but I decided to play coy and take my gentle spin onward up the hill, smiling, I knew I had wronged her, but it was just my nature.. My cyclist nature. lol.. I was feeling great and the round trip was around 17 miles. I need to do that more often.

I'm dying for some group riding soon. I went out the the womens ride Wednesday and I was a pussy thinking it was going to down pour and opted for a drink with Stuart at Fellinis instead. It ended up being a killer night, its always jam to see Eric; he's been fucking killin it this season. We had some super cold ones ar Brickstore and talked cycling and real estate, that's what I call a good night. He inspires me to keep going and never give up on my riding. Not that I would, but it always helps to get a 'lil more motivated.

I've been thinking about my cycling. I truly do want to be a better cyclist. And I KNOW that doing tris will always be in my way for making that goal. I'm may be all over the place with what I want, but I love cycling and I feel like I have a pretty good idea about racing. And honestly, not saying that I want to ever be the top racer, but I just want to swing for that middle range, the last is just not working for me.

As for running, that shit is so overrated. I can do it to kick my ass into shape, but to advance in running for me would be like eating glass. I have to admit that I have gotten much better than I ever thought I would be at it, since doing the half marathons and shit, but I would rather be a better swimmer, I have more natural skill for that, plus it doesn't pound my soul as fucking hard.

I love being able to chill when I want or drink some fucking good beers without worrying about compromising some fucking schedule. I'm really just enjoying having fun right now. So I'm going to flow with that. Keep it real, maybe do the Oktoberfest race if I can get my house rented in time, and def do some major fucking mtn hiking and camping this fall; maybe even some backpacking. Whatever comes after that, that's when it will all come together...

...So many adventures to come..

... I want to take it all in...

These are the good ole days
I don't care what they have to say
These are the good ole days
All together now