Tuesday, August 3, 2010

So you want to do a Triathlon???

Hell Yes! So stoked that you want to try out a triathlon. I picked a jewel for us, its the Oktoberfest Triathlon in Hayesville, NC on Lake Chatuge. Great things about this race: We can camp in the park on the Lake where the race is held and spend the entire weekend, the water is CLEAR, the race is mostly flat. We have 8 WEEKS till the race, so its time to start making a plan ASAP. I'm going to type up some training schedules from my Triathlon Book and post them here for you to use as a guide for preparing! Let;s do this! It's been over a year since I have done a race, so it's going to be tough for me too! I'm racing the International distance mainly because it was the first triathlon I ever did, and I've been wanting to try it again. The swim is the hardest part for that race. I recommend you starting with the Sprint Distance, but if you think you can swim like a champ, pedal your heart out, and run like the wind ~~~~ go for the International! ;P

Here's the Race Stats:

Sprint Distance

The Swim is .25 miles, as shown here in RED.

The Bike
is 9 miles, and pictured below in BLUE, along with the elevation at the bottom of the map.

The Run is 2 m
iles, in BLUE along the Dam on the top map.

International Distance

The Swim in 8/10 of a mile. It goes around the island as pictured.

The Bike is 16 miles.

The Run is 4 miles along the dam.

Things to Know:
1. You need a bike
2. You need swimming goggles
3. You need running shoes
4. You need to develop a regular workout schedule to prepare for the race NOW :D
5. The first time is a blast and your going to have a great time and feel great about yourself
6. I'm here to give you advice and encouragement! :)
7. I will organize a mock triathlon before the race, so we can get practice putting all three sports together.

This is the website for the Race Organizer, info and where I've gotten these maps from.


Here is a link to the Park and Campground.