Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Road Bike - 16.6 Miles - EA > Decatur > EA

Great Ride Yesterday.  16.6 miles!  Got off work around 6pm, beautiful day, cool, sunny, upper 60s.  I wore my tank and felt completely comfortable.   I decided to ride by myself, since It's been awhile for me on the bike, and I wanted to get in my zone and just pedal.  I got a new iphone today, so I listened to Pandora the whole ride instead of my playlist.  I can't find my HR watch, :(, which also tracks my mph and distance.  I'm pretty sure I was making excellent time, because I felt great and I was really pushing it up some of the tougher hills (McLendon, Lake Claire, Edegewood).  The sunset coming home was beautiful on the city.  Deep Reds, Pinks, and Orange clouds with the Atlanta skyline silhouette in the foreground, so pretty!
I'm back to working and finally able to get back into my normal workout routine!!!!! YAY!  Things have been way OFF for me in the past year.  I've gained like 10 lbs more than I'm comfortable with, and I'd realllly like to loose atleast half of that before Summer, all 10 would be amazing, but a lot to ask! Somehow I've managed to get tendinitis on my elbow, so I was trying to take it easy on my left arm.  I found that it aggravated me then most when I was pushing it up the hills.  Which was kinda good since it made me lay off the grip on my handle bars a bit to focus all my strength in my legs.  My Legs felt great yesterday and today.  No soreness or tightness.
Last Week:
Friday:  35 minute swim
Weekend: None
Monday: Bike
This Week:
Tuesday: Lower Body Weights
Wednesday: Bike
Thursday: Rest
Friday: Run/Upper Weights
Saturday:  MTN BIKE!!
Sunday: Bike or Swim
1-2 sprint triathlon this Summer
1 MTN bike race
1-2 Olympic triathlons in the Fall
Xterra and Dirty Spokes Duathlon in 2012
I feel like those are reasonable goals to strive for.  I feel like I'm making up for over a year of not being active racing, so I know that it will be some work to get back to the athletic shape I was in 2008-2010.  My last race was Xterra 2009.  After that, I was single, and starting working a very demanding job, so my training went on the back burner.   I don't think I'm going to race the Half again, but we will see.  It depends on how I perform in the running legs.  It does help my running, but it's a tough race on my body doing 13.1 miles total.  Xterra and The Dualthons are 3-5 miles running.  If I train and race for 13, then I am putting myself ahead there.  I plan to ride a lot this summer and swim open water a lot at Lake Lanier.  All these elements will help me reach my goals and improve my fitness!!