Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Late November

Planning for a Half Marathon Starts NOW!

Current Plan: Establish a strong base of 3-5 miles average run distance.

My Weekly Workout Summary for the Last Week of November:

Thursday:  35 minutes / 3.2 Miles / Treadmill
 My run felt good.  It was nice to be inside running on such a cold day, but also hot.  I varied my pace and incline quite a bit; 3 intervals with slight increases.A good solid workout.  I pushed myself.  By the end, my face was beet red!  So I cooled it off and did a nice stretch out.

Friday:  Rest Day 
Movie date with Mike after work ;)  We saw RED DAWN, it was pretty good.

Saturday:  Blankets Creek - 8.2 miles - 1 hour, 34 minutes
Mike and I were excited to get to Blankets Creek this weekend!  We have not ridden the trails since last year!  Eek!  We started off on Mosquito Flats to warm up, then Mike's rear brake locked up!  :(  Bummer!  Finally got it un stuck and then headed on to Dwelling Loop!  I wreaked on a fast downhill, luckily only falling into a soft pile of leaved!  Fall = Perfect for MTN Biking!  We finishedup the loop and it was feeling pretty exhausted after the return climb!

Sunday:  Urban Mtn Bike Fun Ride - 8.5 miles  - 
 SundayFunday Ride with Rach & BC.  After some brunch, mimosas, a bloody mary or two..  WE headed out for a light ride to Chandler Park and back to Decatur. :-)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Introducing... Mrs. Mixon!

Wow!  What a fall season.  Finished up two triathlons prior to my September 29th wedding date!  Amazing accomplishment!  I did ok and felt much better than I thought I would. :)

For John Tanner, Mike and I camped out at the State Park.  The weather was nice, but the camping was a bit lame because the RV's generators around us were very noisy.  They started setting up the transition area around 4 am and everyone's headlights came straight into the tent!  Boo!

The weather was brisk yet warm with blue sunny skies.  Much better weather than my early summer triathlon. This race was not as fast as my previous one.

9/8/12 Place Race # Age Swim   T1 Bike   T2 Run Pace Total
  6 78 30 15:42.4   01:48.0 49:45.9   01:04.8 36:23.7   1:44:44.8

2012 Goals:

Establish Solid Running Base
Workout 3-4 days per week

2013 Goals:

Establish Base Race Year
Workout no less than 4 days per week
Interval Training
Circuit Training
Swim atleast every two weeks 

2013 Race Goals:

Finish Half Marathon under 2:45
Get Mike to do a Duathlon with me!!!

2013 New Year Goal:  Stop using Plastic Straws & Plastic Bags.  

2013 - My first year as a Mixon.  :)


Mrs. Mixon


Thursday, July 26, 2012

One more Triathlon before the Big Day!!!

I just signed up for the Tri The Parks John Tanner State Park Triathlon!!  I've done this race course twice, so it will be a great race!  This is nice for an early September race, beacuse in the past I race this location earlier in the year and the water was FREEZING!  Nice Sandy Beach here too.  ;P

Almost 2 months to go until the wedding!!!!


Saturday, September 8, 2012  8:00 am

Swim:  600 meters
Bike:  13.8 miles
Run:  3.1 miles

COURSE MAP:  http://maps.onemillionrevolutions.org/map.jsp?mapID=141

Ciao, Brittany

Thursday, June 14, 2012

My First Triathlon in 2 years, and yes it had to be raining!

Sunday, June 10th at 7am in Gainesville, Ga I completed my first triathlon in 2 years.  The race was a sprint distance on Lake Lanier at Clarks Bridge Park called Summer Sizzler by GA Mulitisports. 

500 Yard Swim / 15 Mile Bike / 3.1 Mile Run
6/10/12 Place Number Age SWIM Pace T1 BIKE Rate T2 RUN Pace TIME
5 136 30  11:41  2:20  3:27  53:01 17  1:35  32:02  10:19  1:41:44

I woke up around 4:30 at my parents house in Gainesville, actually before my alarm went off.  I felt well rested and ready to start my pre-race regime.  I put on my swim bottoms, race bra, and then my warmup suit over it all.  I started brewing my coffee and then took Nismo out for a walk in the drizzling rain.  I ate some apple and cinnamon oatmeal (my fav), a banana, a cup of coffee, and some gatorade.  I went through my triathlon bag and double checked all my race items;
Goggles, ear plugs, running shoes, bike shoes, visor, sunglasses, Gu, extra water bottle to rinse of my feet, bottle of gatorade, towel, cycling jersey, and I was set to go!

I woke Mike up and then we started our drive to the race location.  It only took about 15 minutes to get there and we arrived at about 5:50am.  The parking lot was already crowed and I could see all the racers setting up their transition areas in the drizzling rain.  The air temperature was chilly, a brisk 61 degrees with misting rain that wasn't letting up.  I hoped that once the sun came up, the temperature would warm slightly.

A few racers went out for a swim to warm up, but I knew if I got in the water I would be FREEZING when they made everyone get out before the race start.  So I just waited patiently, a little nervous and anxious to start the race.

                     Race Start: 7:15 am

    Swim: 500 yards - Out around 2 buoys and back

The wind was ripping and causing a slight current.  The water was pretty choppy.  The group was small, so swimming wasn't too bad.  I need to practice my freestyle stroke, I was pretty fatigued in the arms from the swim.  Especially fighting the current.

11minutes, 41 seconds

I felt good after the swim and pleased that I was right along with a good amount of other females coming into shore. 

I kept a strong pace as I jogged to the transition area to get ready for the 15 mile bike ride.

In Transition 1, I wasted a TON OF TIME :(.

T1:  3 minutes, 27 seconds :/

My top was not good at all for a quick transition.  My hair was all wrong to fit in my helmet.  A Singlet would have worked much better, different material and zipper would have helped tremendously.  I put on bike shorts over my swim bottom and pulled on my top (took me two tries).  I almost didn't wear it, but I knew if I didn't I would be FREEZING! 

A successful transition is under 1 minute.

BIKE: Out, Loop, & Back
~ 15 Miles
Pace 17 MPH, YEAH!

The Bike went AWESOME!  Despite the RAINNY conditions, I was able to maintain a pretty good pace at 17mph and the course was nice with long rolling hills and nothing to major to climb.  The rain made things a but sketchy, but I was determined to keep my pace high!

T2 - 1 minute, 35 seconds
~ Better than the first!

 RUN: Out & Back - 3.1 Miles
Pace 10:19 - which is about average for me, needs improvement!

I was pretty tired after keeping up that 17 mph pace.  I haven't really done any brick training transitioning from bike to run.  The Run was tough, I had trouble getting my pace at the beginning.  I knew there was a STEEP hill to climb at about .5 miles.  When I got there I walked up fast and then starting jogging again.  I did this a couple of times and as a result, my run time was pretty slow.  But granted this is my first tri is FOREVER, I was proud to get my pace up after mile 2 and finish strong.  Luckily  had some great support from fellow runners around me :)  Always helps to have other supporting you during the race!

 FINISH!!!  1:41:44

I had a great time doing this race and I look forward to getting back into racing!!!  

My next race is The Summer Sizzler Triathlon by the Great Smokey Mountains Triathlon Club in Hiawassee, Ga on August 5, 2012



Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back in the Groove

Nismo and I went for the 2.5 mile jog yesterday.  It felt very good.  I took a water bottle with us, and he drank more than me, or spilled more than me, lol.  My ankle felt ok during the jog.  I didn't work on my foot placement as much this time because I was handling crazy puppy.  Nismo did good, crazy at the start and then caught on about half way and the way home he was worn out. ;P