Thursday, June 14, 2012

My First Triathlon in 2 years, and yes it had to be raining!

Sunday, June 10th at 7am in Gainesville, Ga I completed my first triathlon in 2 years.  The race was a sprint distance on Lake Lanier at Clarks Bridge Park called Summer Sizzler by GA Mulitisports. 

500 Yard Swim / 15 Mile Bike / 3.1 Mile Run
6/10/12 Place Number Age SWIM Pace T1 BIKE Rate T2 RUN Pace TIME
5 136 30  11:41  2:20  3:27  53:01 17  1:35  32:02  10:19  1:41:44

I woke up around 4:30 at my parents house in Gainesville, actually before my alarm went off.  I felt well rested and ready to start my pre-race regime.  I put on my swim bottoms, race bra, and then my warmup suit over it all.  I started brewing my coffee and then took Nismo out for a walk in the drizzling rain.  I ate some apple and cinnamon oatmeal (my fav), a banana, a cup of coffee, and some gatorade.  I went through my triathlon bag and double checked all my race items;
Goggles, ear plugs, running shoes, bike shoes, visor, sunglasses, Gu, extra water bottle to rinse of my feet, bottle of gatorade, towel, cycling jersey, and I was set to go!

I woke Mike up and then we started our drive to the race location.  It only took about 15 minutes to get there and we arrived at about 5:50am.  The parking lot was already crowed and I could see all the racers setting up their transition areas in the drizzling rain.  The air temperature was chilly, a brisk 61 degrees with misting rain that wasn't letting up.  I hoped that once the sun came up, the temperature would warm slightly.

A few racers went out for a swim to warm up, but I knew if I got in the water I would be FREEZING when they made everyone get out before the race start.  So I just waited patiently, a little nervous and anxious to start the race.

                     Race Start: 7:15 am

    Swim: 500 yards - Out around 2 buoys and back

The wind was ripping and causing a slight current.  The water was pretty choppy.  The group was small, so swimming wasn't too bad.  I need to practice my freestyle stroke, I was pretty fatigued in the arms from the swim.  Especially fighting the current.

11minutes, 41 seconds

I felt good after the swim and pleased that I was right along with a good amount of other females coming into shore. 

I kept a strong pace as I jogged to the transition area to get ready for the 15 mile bike ride.

In Transition 1, I wasted a TON OF TIME :(.

T1:  3 minutes, 27 seconds :/

My top was not good at all for a quick transition.  My hair was all wrong to fit in my helmet.  A Singlet would have worked much better, different material and zipper would have helped tremendously.  I put on bike shorts over my swim bottom and pulled on my top (took me two tries).  I almost didn't wear it, but I knew if I didn't I would be FREEZING! 

A successful transition is under 1 minute.

BIKE: Out, Loop, & Back
~ 15 Miles
Pace 17 MPH, YEAH!

The Bike went AWESOME!  Despite the RAINNY conditions, I was able to maintain a pretty good pace at 17mph and the course was nice with long rolling hills and nothing to major to climb.  The rain made things a but sketchy, but I was determined to keep my pace high!

T2 - 1 minute, 35 seconds
~ Better than the first!

 RUN: Out & Back - 3.1 Miles
Pace 10:19 - which is about average for me, needs improvement!

I was pretty tired after keeping up that 17 mph pace.  I haven't really done any brick training transitioning from bike to run.  The Run was tough, I had trouble getting my pace at the beginning.  I knew there was a STEEP hill to climb at about .5 miles.  When I got there I walked up fast and then starting jogging again.  I did this a couple of times and as a result, my run time was pretty slow.  But granted this is my first tri is FOREVER, I was proud to get my pace up after mile 2 and finish strong.  Luckily  had some great support from fellow runners around me :)  Always helps to have other supporting you during the race!

 FINISH!!!  1:41:44

I had a great time doing this race and I look forward to getting back into racing!!!  

My next race is The Summer Sizzler Triathlon by the Great Smokey Mountains Triathlon Club in Hiawassee, Ga on August 5, 2012