Thursday, February 28, 2013

Weigh-in & PT Test

Today is my first shake on the 90-day ViSalus Challenge.  My goal is to loose 10 lbs in 90 days!

PT Test today at BootCamp!

1 Minute:
Modified Push-ups: 25
Full Sit-ups: 30

1 Mile:  8:12

Weight: 129.6
Waist: 29
Belly button: 34
Chest: 36
Hips: 40
Bicep: 11
Leg: 19.5

Here is my base.  When I weigh-in next, this will help me gauge my fitness/health/weigh progress!  Hard to believe in college (2006) my measurements were 34-24-34 @ 105 lbs!!  Now they are 36-29-40 @ 130 lbs.



Friday, February 22, 2013


This week is KICK-MY-ASS week.  I started off on Sunday and still going strong through Thursday!

Sunday:  Spin Class - 55 minutes
Spinning to Classic Rock was not really my speed.  I am more of a pop/dance/techno junkie when it comes to spin. I love the group atmosphere, but gaps between songs, the smell sweaty tee shirts, and ugh, those huge bulky bike seats.  But, I pushed trough with Katy Perry blasting in my iphone earbuds.  After that I went to the pool and did some knee workouts in the pool, then hit the hot tub. :0  Sunday morning, just me and the gym.

Monday:  BootCamp - 60 minutes
I joined a new BootCamp by Pinnacle Fitness.  First we headed up to Avondale Marta parking lot and ran sprint lines and I was placed in the fast group.  There is always that one person who pushes past the point of the exercise, I had to sprint after her.  By the 5th lap, I was dead from sprinting up a small hill a just over my comfortable pace.  I felt a sense of loss as I imagined piles of zombies flowing out of the Marta station running after me, as I failed to push-on with the group!  Enough!  I must regain my confidence through my fitness!!  We moved inside and competed circuits for core & up body.  I felt good when I left.

Tuesday:  BigPeach Group Run 3 miles
Rach has been wanting me to try out this cool running group in Decatur.  Sounded awesome, so now that my knee is good, I'm ready!  The dusk was awesome, just over 55 degrees and clear.  The pace was good and I enjoyed running with a small group.  Definitely a new must-have in my workout routine!  I've never run with a group, and this experience was not only motivating, but I enjoyed running! HA! :P

Wednesday:  Rest Day

Thursday:  BootCamp - 60 minutes
My Bootcamp buddy, KT, has bailed on me.  Or rather, eh em, is sick.  So, it's just me on my bootcamp kick.  Some days its so hard to go to the gym and get motivated after a long day at work.  That is exactly why I signed up for a bootcamp to help kick my ass into gear.  It's so much harder getting back into shape rather than just maintaining your current fitness.  To improve on your fitness means that you have to push your body and build you mental strength to push beyond your current comfort zones.

Upon my initial body assesment I had some very humbling news;
My weight is 132 and my BMI is 24% (almost overweight status!)  GASSP!  I counldn't believe it!  But it was true and I know how I got here.  Not being as active as I've always been.  So it's time to step-it-up and kick my ASS into shape.

I pushed it hard in this class today.  I really hope I can make a difference in my fitness and size.  I am comitted to this and by the time we go to Boniare this summer, I will be looking Bikini Sexy! ;P