Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Trying out a Triathlon Club this week!

Last week was a bust.  The weather here has been freezing and on top of that, Mike and I are wokring on turning over my 3rd vacant rental house... in a row!  ugh!  Can't wait for our weekends to finally free up in April!  Right now we are wokrin M-F and Sat-Sun!  Tough!

I decided to try a Tri athlon Club to find some more like minded people to workout with! ;)

This week I have the following planned:
Mon: Group Swim PM
Tues:  Gym (Solo) or Group Run in Dec (on my own)
Wed:  Indoor Spin Class
Thurs:  Bootcamp
Fri: Group Swim AM


The Monday group swim was awesome!  I've actually NEVER particiapted in a group swim workout.  It was a great experience.  We worked 300 time trails and did some skill work drills as well!  I opted for the beginner group, since this is my first rodeo with the group swim and the club.  I was pleasantly surprised that I was def the leader of that group.  I will prob move up to the beg/intermediate for next weeks classes.

I felt really refreshed and good after the 50 minute workout.  I can absolutely see how this will make a HUGE impact on my swim if I continue on.  Very cool people with the group as well.  So nice to be in a group workout with people who have similar goals as myself!



Monday, March 4, 2013

Mellow Weekend, Time to get back to it!

Thursday Night was my first night with ViSalus Shake.  I made the chocolate version after my Bootcamp.  By 9pm, I was hungry again!  

Friday: Rest Day
After work I headed up to Suwanee to see my Bestie Denise and her kiddos! 

Saturday:  Cleaning Day
THis was my cardio for the day.  I really wanted to go for a light jog, but the weather was under 45 all weekend with flurries.

Sunday: Another Freezing Cold Day!
Woke up and had breakfast at J Christophers, Yum!  I had the Turkey Avacado Skillet, so good!
We got the Lease signed for house and handed over the property to the new tenant, whew!  Went to check on my other rental where the tenant's lease was up, and as I suspected, they had dipped. :(  Ugh!  Sometime being a landlord just sucks!!!!  Especially when it interferes with my WEEKEND!

Luckily Mike is a huge support, keeping me cool and grounded.  Love that Man!  We already have two showing for Wednesday and we hasn't even started cleaning out the house.  I'll take that as a good sign!

I'm so ready for some warm temps so I can get more active outside!!!

Back to Bootcamp today after work, then some beef brisket in the Crock Pot for dinner!