Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Friday! Spring is Finally Here!

Finally!  Spring is everywhere in ATLANTA!  The Pollen is covering everything and the weather is warm!  It has gotten into the 80s this week!

Monday:  Swim Class, 60 minutes
OMG!  Swim kicked my ass this week.  I was not properly fueled for my workout and I suffered because of it!  Usually I will eat a cliff bar 2-3 hours prior to my workout.  I was suffering about 20 minutes into the workout.  My energy was depleted and my swim form was suffering! 
NOTE:  EAT a snack!  I do lunch around noon and must remember to snack in the afternoon, especially for a workout session at 7pm!  So important!

Tuesday:  Group Run, 4 miles, Chastain Park
My first group run with ATC Triathlon Club.  The day is hot, humid, and in the low 80s.  I didn't know what to expect with the group run, the ATC forum said intervals and TNR.  I focused on finishing the new 4 mile loop.  I stated with a pace under 10:00, but ended up around 11:75.  I had a really hard time towards the end with the heat!  There is a slight uphill on powers ferry on the last 3/4 mile.  By the top, I was feeling the sense of puke coming on!  But, I held it back and pushed on.  Jogging it in like a champ!  I would like to finish that route in under 40 min!  GOAL!  I wore my new compression calf sleeves, and I could tell they definitely helped, but they were H O T!  I wanted to tear them off desperately during the run!  Not so great for humid hot days!

Wednesday:  Rest Day
I had a Spin Class planned, but this morning I woke up super tired after good 8 hour sleep.  I was exhausted after work, so I made the call to take a rest day! 

Thursday:  Bootcamp, 45 minutes
I rode my longboard to Bootcamp at Piedmont park, I was running a little late so I was crusin' pretty fast into the Park from the Park Dr., but I didn't realize that they were already setting up tents for the Dogwood Festival!  Yikes!  I tried to stop, but instead did a slow-mo split scraping my knee on the road!  ugH!  I rolled up to Bootcamp just as they were starting!  ..With a bloody knee!   
I choose the Sprint Workout Option!
Warm-up: 1 minute plank hold - goal time was 3 minutes!  I need to work on my planks!
Sprint Circuit (2x):  200+ lunges around the half circle, Bear Crawl across the Lawn, then 50 sit ups. 
Leg Circuit:  Hold Side Plank on each side.  25 each: Leg Lift, Front Leg Circle, Backward Leg Circles  
Cool Down:  Jog around the Circle - 2x

Overall it was a great workout!  I'm feeling it big time in my legs today!  And my scrap! lol.  Luckily I made it back to the Jeep without wrecking again, i was going much slower.  I thinking riding the longboard in my asics is not as sturdy as skate shoes!

420Fest this weekend. Lots of free live music at Chandler Park and .. BEER!  Have a Great Weekend!


Spin Class - LT & HR Testing

Lactate Threshold (LT) and Heart Rate (HR) Testing in Spin Class.

Why?  To determine my LT to choose which level power I will be working at in future Spin Class Sessions.  I have not done anything like this in over 4 years.  The last time I did a test it was VO2 Max, which is a much shorter test!

This is what it's all about:
• Warm-up for ~5-10 minutes including some short sprints
• Start your 60-minute test
--- Find a target power that you can maintain for 60 minutes (~80 RPMs)
--- Stay seated for full 60 minutes – can adjust and stretch as needed
--- Pace yourself so you have practically nothing left once you finish
--- Don’t surge off the start at a pace you can’t sustain
--- Instructor will note HR and Power every 5 minutes
• At the 10 minute mark, hit the “start” button on your HRM
--- This will capture your average HR over the last 50 minutes
--- Try to maintain a somewhat constant cadence and power for the duration of test - you may need to slightly adjust your power and cadence (especially with < 10 minutes in the test) to ensure you finish with nothing left
• Finish the test to the best of your ability, cool down with 5-10 minutes of spinning and stretching

Your average HR for last 50 minutes of the test will be your Lactic Threshold Heart Rate (LTHR).  Your average Power for the full 60 minutes of the test will be your Functional Threshold Power (FTP).  See the attached document for more details and HR training zones.

LT: 125 AVG
Heart Rate AVG for last 50 minutes: 182 bpm

This was super tough.  I usually always get some kind of break when riding outside and in spin class.  This was also a mental exercise!  It was hard to keep the same pace, power, and cadance for 60 minutes.  I dug it out.  I did stop like 3x to stretch my legs.  I look forward to building on this result!

Ciao, B

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Last Week Round-up

Wednesday:  Spin Class, 60 min, 583 calories.
Tough Intervals.  Trying the Compu trainer instead of the stationary bike - So much better riding my own bike and my favorite road shoes!  Power was hard, I started at 170 as my Target, but had to move down to 140 watts.  Going 100% and above that number was proving an extreme metal challenge for me!  They had some old school Ironman race on the big screen, must have been the 80s.  Bud Light was a race sponsor,  lol!  Mental Strength is something that will be very crucial to improving my skills and power!  I have never really trained consistently or as focused-on with intervals as this workout.  It is such a relief to be able to ride my own bike, be pushed so hard, and not have to "JOG" on the bike like at LA Fitness!  LOVIN THIS!

Thursday:  Bootcamp - 40s and raining
Yup, I bailed!  :(   Instead I did some much needed household cleaning!

Friday:  Went to see the EVIL DEAD remake.

It was good for a remake.  Overall I enjoyed it.  They kindof split up the roll of Ash into multiple rolls, which was creative but a bit odd.  Still, some of those classic lines by Ash, are best said by Bruce Campbell!  And then there was that hippe teacher character who just wouldn't die, like he was a superhuman!  Come'on ya'll, seriously stabbed that much and he can still walk enough to save the day?  A little too far!

Saturday:  Worked at the house all day, then headed with my girlies to see MUSE for Free at Centennial Park!  Proved to be a great night!
 Awesome Group of Peeps!
 Selfie on the Free Ferris Wheel!
      Muse Rocked it!

Besties on Top of ATL!     

                                 Der Biergarten After Party!

I Love these Moments!!  Carpe Diem!


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Happy Hump Day!

Monday:  Swim Class, 60 minutes, Open Water Skills
Always my favorite way to start the week!  We worked on sighting and good body position.
* Head up swimming - building strength for lifting your head to sight.
* Eyes closed swimming - you will discover if you actually swim straight.
* Bilateral breathing (opposite side breathing, every 3 or 5) - this is the natural way to become symmetrical and swim straight! Spend time developing your bilateral breathing in the pool and it will have a massive benefit on your speed in open-water.
I felt like I got a lot of benefit from these drills.   Our coach even took underwater video so we can see how we actually look swimming.  I need to lengthen my body and keep my body more parallel.  Check it out!  I'm in the red top and pink swim cap! ;)

Tuesday:  Group Run, 5 miles, 48 minutes, just under a 10 minute mile!
I was feeling great for this run.  The weather was great, sunny, high 60s, super nice day!  I was so stoked, that at about mile 2, I started hauling ass downhill, running my little heart out listening to my tunes.  Needless to say, the rest of the run was exhausting!  But I still had a blast!  I forgot my HR monitor, but I'm pretty damn sure I was near burning 400 calories on that run!

Oakhurst Community Garden.  Photo Credit: Rach



Wednesday Spin:  22 Miles, 60 minutes, 675 Calories
The Class was Great, except for my bike fit. :/  The class at Energy Lab was awesome!  The stationary bike, just wasn't my stylee.  I think next time I will take my own bike and hit the trainer option!

Thursday: BOOTCAMP!   48 minutes, 565 Calories
1,200 meter run,  125 Squats, 60 sit ups, 40 push ups, 20 burpees, then again.... 40 push-ups, 60 sit ups, 125 squats, 1,500 meter run.  45 minutes, 565 Calories

Kona Sandwhich Workout at Piedmont Park.  I tried the Half option and I was def full by the end! ;P

Friday:  Movie/Date Night!  No workout!

Saturday:  15 mile easy ride
From Decatur to to Stone Mtn with Rach and BC.  Felt great!  And my heart rate stayed low around 140bmp.  Great, laid back ride. 

Have a great Easter!