Sunday, January 5, 2014

Brick :45

Brick Workout - Bike/Run - :45

I braved the cold weather and impending artic snow storm for a quick brick.  The ride was a bit windy, but I knew it would be a quick out and back.  The run was pleasant and I even got a little hot towards the end.  I could feel my legs were tight but I felt better after about a mile, the last .8 was faster and I felt a little lighter on my legs. 

Bike - Road
5 miles
Max hr: 189
Avg hr: 160

Run - Road
1.8 miles, 11.03/min mile
Max hr: 188
Avg hr: 179

Cool down
157 avg

Temp: 42, Cloudy
Humidity: 85%
Burn: 633


Saturday Long Run on the treadmill

Ran 1 hour on the treadmill Saturday.  Stayed in the lower heart rate zones maxing out once at 182.  Average hr was around 172.  Steady page, avg 12 min/mile.  About 5 miles. Building endurance!  Random Hills, level 3.

This was my first long run inside on a treadmill.  I took the ipad with me and watched abduction on Netflix!  It helped, but at first I was struggling with what to watch.  It's definitely better to watch an action movie, anything that is amped!